Exploring Nashville

On the third day of September, we made it to Nashville, Tennessee! It’s quite a busy city, but not as bad as some places we have been. It wasn’t quite what we expected, but we only had a few hours to spend there.

We started with the Parthenon building. We walked among the pillars, but decided not to venture inside as we didn’t have a large amount of time. There was a lake sitting near it, so we walked the perimeter and saw some squirrels, Canadian geese, and cyprus trees. I really liked the funky trees and their reflections in the water.

20190903_131935_editA short way down the road on our way to the Parthenon, we had seen a place called No Baked Cookie Dough, so we had to check it out! They give big scoops of cookie dough, kind of like ice cream in a dish but with cookie dough instead. I tried peanut butter, chocolate chip, and confetti sugar, and they were all delicious! There is also a strawberry shortcake and chocolate brownie, which were also good. Unfortunately, I looked them up online and they don’t ship to Canada, but they definitely made it onto our List of Awesome Places! (Upcoming blog post to be written about the awesome places.)

Then we drove to Broadway Street and visited the Country Music Walk of Fame. We walked around the streets a bit, ventured into a couple of stores, I found some postcards, and then we walked down the street to a bridge over the river. By that time, we were pretty much melting in the southern heat, so we had supper at a place called Rock Bottom. My chicken strips came to me organized very fancily in a nice little chicken strip mound on my plate—fancy chicken strips! They were good too. :D

After supper, we left the city and drove south toward our first real destination: Pensacola, Florida! We stopped in Montgomery, Alabama—another new state for us. Our journey will continue from there.

Hody/Potalo Dictionary of Phrases

TAEZ6793Mal (that would be Mr. Potalo) and I (a.k.a. Hody Pody) have come up with pretty much a whole system of words and phrases. We often use incorrect spelling while texting each other, and we say things in a way that sounds like we’re three years old sometimes, but that’s us and it’s fun. xD

I decided to write up a list of some of the recent words we’ve either invented or use often (sometimes out of the proper context), so you can join in on the fun! So, without further ado, here is the Hody/Potalo Dictionary of Commonly Used Words and Phrases!

Awesomesauce – adj. amazing or really fun
Awesomesausage – n. something that is amazing or really fun
Cool beans – a statement similar to “that’s great”
Dense – adj. dumb or ignorant, as in when a person doesn’t seem to know something
Disturbation – n. something that is disturbing
Epicalistical – adj. a longer, funner term for “epic,” as in amazing, really fun, or the best ever
Glitchy spaz – n. This is when your game is spazzing your character all over the place, usually caused by a bad Internet connection
Glug – 1. n. a drink, usually a blue one 2. v. to drink something
Gluggity chug – n. a very good drink
Hoingadoing – an exclamation usually spoken when doing something that requires effort, such as jumping over something or throwing something heavy
Laggy spaz – n. Similar to a glitchy spaz, this is when your game is very laggy and an action is completed on the game several seconds after you press the button for that action, usually caused by a bad Internet connection
Leedleedleedleedlee – the sound made when one sticks out his tongue and blows, usually a sassy gesture
Lopoloo – like “lololol” but terribly misspelled
Nifty – adj. cool or useful
Nondumpy-lookin’ – adj. fancy
Oi – an exclamation usually uttered after laughing a lot, kind of like an ashamed sigh or sometimes used instead of “lol”
Pikker – n. picture
Phlome – n. phone
Sack of bologna – n. something that is completely wrong or annoying
Scheeeeooooop – a slurping sound made when one is really hungry or sees food that is really good
Scrub – n. a person who doesn’t know what he is doing or is very dumb
Scrubby – adj. used to describe something bad or annoying
Scum – n. an extremely annoying person or one who acts mean or breaks rules
Shifty – adj. suspicious, as in when something or someone seems off
Slueueuleuleuueuuleup – a slurping sound, usually a response to “scheeeeooooop”
Smear – n. a mark left by something or someone sliding across the ground or a surface, or when a cat rubs its face against you
Smeared – adj. the state in which one is slid across the ground or a surface and usually leaves a mark, or the state in which a cat has rubbed its face against you
Smudge – n. on Fortnite, an SMG
Snip – 1. n. on Fortnite, a sniper 2. v. to snipe someone
Spaz – 1. n. something that is spazzing 2. v. when something or someone is moving or flailing awkwardly or moving all over the place, often in a game when your character is appearing in random different places due to a bad Internet connection
Spooked – adj. a state in which one is worried, scared, or hyperaware
Spooksy – adj. something that is extremely scary
Spooky – adj. something that is very scary or causes worry or hyperawareness
The “let me do what I wanna do” button – usually on a computer, the “Not now” or “I have read and agreed with the terms of service” button, or whichever option makes the questions go away so you can do whatever it is you went on the computer to do in the first place
Veddy – adj. very
What do – a question meaning either “What are you doing” or “what should we do,” depending on context
Wo – a statement meaning “Whoa,” giving the impression of amazement or pride
Yee – the sound one makes when they come across something large, squishy, green, and/or gross, similar to “ew” but nobody actually says “ew” unless they’re trying to so it usually comes out more like “yee”
Yerp – a word meaning “yes” but which is more fun to say

Okay, so I might not win an award for the best dictionary ever, but this is just for fun so enjoy! And who knows, I might have some more words to add in the future. ;D

Do you use any of these words or phrases? What are some words or phrases that you commonly use either out of context or that most people don’t use much? Come on, let me in on some of your fancy words!


I don’t know if this is going to make much sense. Maybe it’ll all just be a jumble of writing from my confused mind that seems to be getting everything mixed up lately (that “purple” thing I mentioned earlier was actually gray), but here goes…


I stand here tonight, trying to find my escape. Phantom Stallion, Chestnut Hill, Heartland – these are all the series I read and loved as a kid; and, more recently, Twilight, Divergent, The Hunger Games. In the last few years, especially since after high school, I haven’t had much time or interest in reading. Partly because I don’t have time, and partly because I read so much in school and university that the idea simply wasn’t quite so appealing to me anymore. But now, I seem to be getting back into it a little more.

What am I trying to escape from? Well, nothing really. I have nothing to escape from, at least nothing that would make sense. My life is awesome. I have an incredibly amazing, supportive family that I hang out with every day, a wonderful boyfriend who makes me want to be a better version of myself. My horse is proof that dreams do come true; she has stood by my side through thick and thin and I can’t imagine my life without her – she makes me who I am and I love her more than words can express. I have a sweet, lovable dog and a cat who has chosen me as his human. I live in a beautiful house with my beautiful family, surrounded by family and friends, with a barn in my backyard, a four wheeler, trails everywhere to explore new and old places. And am starting to take jumping lessons this year, something I’ve considered since I first started riding and have wanted to do for a while now. I am happy with my life, and I could not want anything more than what I already have. But that doesn’t mean I am always feeling happy. Sometimes life has a way of bringing you down and wearing you out, and that’s okay, you’ll get through it, you always do, but what should you do in the meantime?

I haven’t had much interest in reading lately, but when I’m feeling down, there are few things that will perk my mood up. Today, I did not feel like riding Destiny. I didn’t feel like going for a walk or a drive or to go get ice cream. Mal and I played Fortnite duos for much of the day, which was enough to distract me. But tonight, since he left to go back to university for the week, and Jacob went home, I have no escape, which is why I am searching my book shelves. Mustang Mountain, Pony Pals (wow now we’re really going back through the years)… what do I feel like reading tonight?

I recently read a piece of advice… it says “Rest. Be ok with not constantly going somewhere. Society, media, Facebook all have us believing we must seize the day and do it all. [We] have worked hard and [we] need to rest…Boredom gives way to creativity. Rest renews our bodies and our minds.” -Mrs. Eggart (originally about children resting during the summer) That really spoke to me, because for the last few months, I have felt exhausted. Of course, recovering from mono was one thing, but even now, I feel like I’m suffocating. I’ve been focusing on work, trying to get back into riding, and walking, and four wheeling, and posting videos on youtube and keeping up with social media; I’ve been trying to do it all and even if I succeed, I know that it will never be enough for me. So yes, it is important to work hard and never give up. But not at the cost of never giving yourself time to recover or have some fun, and REST. What would a day of rest mean for you? For me, I enjoy playing video games – like Fortnite, with my brother – or reading, maybe doing some writing (only creative writing though, and not forced), watching TV shows I know and love, or making some cookies. I think we all need to take the time to recuperate from our busy lives. And busy doesn’t even need to mean hectic – for some of us, just a week of plain old working, or even just going to the barn and riding, can be exhausting some days. So take the time to relax. Let that be enough for today. You need to come first – because, yes, life is life and work is important, and we need to try our best, but some days, it really is important to take a break from that and just be.

My Summer 2017

I hope your summer was filled with sunshine, fun, and good times! Mine was. I haven’t been actively writing posts for most of the summer, simply because it’s hard to sit down and write when it’s sunny and you want to be outside going new places and exploring! This post is just a quick update with a slideshow of photos from my summer. :)

It would be hard to explain every detail of my summer, but I’ll list some of the major points. Earlier in the summer, we took a drive down some dirt roads to an old quarry. It was quite a nice spot, and I’m hoping to go back sometime. My family and I went to this rock climbing place that my brother’s work was celebrating its anniversary at, so we all tested out the rock climbing walls, which was a lot of fun! One day, we took the four wheelers to the beach, had a little fire, and roasted hotdogs. We moved a big log close to the fire with Jacob’s four wheeler and used it as a bench – then someone came up with the idea to put a smaller log across it and use it as a teeter totter. We all took turns. Jacob also tied a couch to the back of his three wheeler one day and drug it around while Mal and I sat on it. Jacob and I got a jeep stuck in the mud out on a trail, right at the time that cell reception was down across Canada. So we had to walk to find someone to help us, wondering why our phones weren’t working until we returned to civilization and someone explained. Of course, there was also our legendary annual camping trip, which I already wrote a post about back in August.

All in all, it was a great summer and I’m sorry it’s over. Mal is back in university, so he’s away during the week, and Jacob is back in school. Work is busier than before, now that students are back, so I’m getting more hours. Luckily, the weather is still nice and I’m hoping it’ll stay warm until late into the year. :) Let me know how your summer was in the comments!

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Rescuing a Gosling

Yesterday, Jacob and I were going to check on Molly and Destiny. They’re staying about a 5-minute drive from my house, and most of that is spent driving slowly down the long dirt driveway. As we were driving, we saw two Canadian geese and about 4 goslings running down the road in front of the car. I stopped the car so it wouldn’t scare them, and we watched them. As they were running, however, one of the smaller goslings got left behind and hid in the ditch while the other disappeared. We got out and found the baby, and after determining that the parents weren’t coming back for it, took it home with us.

We put it in a big blue bin with some shavings, food, and water, and put a heat lamp over it to keep him warm. We also filled the sink in my barn with water and let him swim around in it, which he seemed to love.

Unfortunately, we found out that it’s illegal to handle geese without a permit where I live, so last night we took him to someone who takes in wild animals. She plans to take care of him until he can be released back into the wild. It’s kind of sad, but I know it’s for the best, and he’ll be taken good care of and allowed to run with a couple of other goslings. :) Hopefully I’ll be able to visit him sometime in the summer to see how he’s doing. Here are a couple of videos I took while we still had him with us.

Check out my YouTube channel or view the videos directly on YouTube: #1 #2

Power’s Out

My power went out yesterday, for no obvious reason. I had just filled the sink to wash my cat’s dishes and put some chicken strips in the oven when it went out. I had to wash and carefully rinse the dishes, and then my dad helped me cook my chicken strips on the barbecue. I watched the horses over the rail of the deck while I waited.

I then spent the afternoon playing games on my laptop (thank goodness I got a new one, the batteries actually hold a charge!) and eating the candy I bought at Bulk Barn last week, until my dad lent me some of his data on my phone. Then he, my mom, Mal, and I all sat in the living room snapchatting each other random funny stuff until the power finally came back on. That’s what happens at my house when the power goes out. xD

I also got a new sweater yesterday, so I wore that to the barn today. The horses are doing really well. They wait patiently by the fence every morning now for me to let them out on the grass. Destiny’s pretty much done shedding, but Molly’s still a bit fluffy. I’ve been brushing her every day, but no matter how much I do there’s always still hair! They both look really good though. :)

Have you guys seen the “dedotated wam” video? (If you’ve seen it, you probably know what I’m talking about.) My brother and I have been laughing at that phrase for days. It actually sounds so much like something we would say just for fun! I tried to find a good copy of the video to link to on YouTube, but I couldn’t find one. It’s funny because the first time he showed me the video, it took me a second, but I understood what the guy meant the first time he said it. I don’t know if that means I’m crazy or just good at figuring out what people are trying to say. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time talking to Mal about computer stuff. I don’t know. xD