Flowers and Mountains

So like, my brother is really good with computers. …and phones. And all electronical devices, really (I declare that electronical is now a word). In fact, he had to explain to me what a virtual box was a few weeks ago when he put one on our computer so we could use our old PC games that were only compatible with old versions of Windows like XP (we then had to activate our Windows XP online, so we proceeded to have to figure out how to get service pack 3 so we could do that, but we thought we needed Internet Explorer 8 to download SP3, but to get IE8 we needed SP3, so that was fun. He ended up downloading SP3 on the actual computer and putting it in a shareable folder to run the file on the virtual box, which finally worked). If you’re like me and you don’t know what a virtual box is, basically, we now have the computer (running Windows 10), but we can use the virtual box (Windows XP) almost like a separate computer system on that computer to play XP-compatible games!

So, yeah, he’s really good with computers, but cameras are kind of my thing. xD

I need a new phone because mine has a permanent smudge on the rear camera, and being the ‘photographer’ of the family, I can’t live without a camera on me at all times! So we were talking about phone cameras and comparing different ones. One of them had three different cameras: the normal camera, a wide camera, and a zoom camera, and I said that the zoom on any phone is going to suck because my DSLR doesn’t lose quality when it zooms like a phone camera or a regular point-and-shoot camera does. Then we started comparing his phone’s camera specs with my DSLR, starting with shutter speed and ISO, and then I mentioned aperture.

Mal: Oh yeah, what does your aperture go to? Mine goes all the way from flower to mountain! *sounding very proud, but obviously joking*
Me: 4.5 to 32.
Mal: *hesitating* …What is that in flowers and mountains?

I almost died laughing because it was so funny the way he said it! Then I started looking at the pictures for the different modes on my camera (I usually just use the full-manual mode, or auto if I don’t have much time to play with the exposure settings), and I announced, “Oh, I do have a flower mode though! And another one looks like a portrait…and in between, it looks like a guy with a log sticking out of his chest!” Looking at it more closely, we deduced that the log was actually his leg, and that particular mode was for action shots, so we’ll just say I was really tired when I thought I saw a log!

My camera is a slightly-ancient Canon EOS Rebel T3, by the way, and is still a great camera! I do need a new phone though…in case I’m in a situation where I don’t want to be carrying a heavy DSLR around or risk hurting it. But no matter what camera I get, it’s going to be bigger than my little 4″ iPhone 5S, and even that one just barely fits in my pocket! Oh noes!


Photo from 2015. Please don’t ask why I’m wearing sunglasses while trying to look through the viewfinder. I really don’t have an answer. xD

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