Revisiting 21 Things

As of yesterday, I am now 21 years old! It was a great day. We went skiing — I wasn’t able to go at all last year and I hadn’t gotten a chance to this year until then, so that was awesome. I also tried out snowboarding again for the last half hour of the day. On our way home, we stopped for pizza and finished the night off with a movie at home. :)

We actually opened presents on Saturday, celebrating my birthday, Mal’s, and my aunt Chantal’s. One of my presents, from my aunt Titi and uncle Brandon, was these delicious little chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs that Brandon made. They are amazing!

So now it’s time to revisit my old list of 21 Things To Do Before I Turn 21! I completed about half of the things on my list, which is more than I thought I would! Along with the ones I’ve already written about, I’ve started a couple of others. #9 is learn to play some songs on my guitar; I started learning a couple of parts of a few different songs, but I’m still working on that one! I rewatched the first few episodes of Friends (#14 on my list), so I’ll check that one off the list. I’m sure I’ll watch the whole thing over again sometime anyway. :) #15 on my list was to download more songs, and weed out some of the ones on my giant list of songs I’ve wanted to get over the past 10 years. I’ve done really well on that, and am almost through the whole list! #20 was to get better at barre chords. I’ve been working on them quite a bit and managed to play a song with one in it — not particularly well (I had to pause to position my hand for the barre chord every time), but I made it through the song so I guess I’ll count that. xD

So, I guess that leaves:

2. Shoot a real gun.
3. Win a game of Crokinole against my parents.
6. Ride Destiny on the beach.
8. Prestige on Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
9. Learn to play some songs on my guitar.
10. Finish all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars that are on Netflix.
12. Drive a motorcycle.
13. Fill up my 2014 graduation photo album with pictures from my graduation and 2014.
17. Take Molly for a trail ride.

That’s just 9 things that I didn’t do. I will try my best to do them before I turn 22! ;)


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