Broken but special

My family is where I gain my inspiration for blogging. We always seem to find a way to look on the bright side of every situation. I don’t know where I would be without them. They make my life what it is. :)

Last weekend, there was a cake auction in my village and my brother made a fancy “orange pop” cake for it. Unfortunately, on the drive over, the cake cracked in the middle and a piece fell off. My brother wrote on the auction sheet, “Broken but special,” which I think made a couple of other people bid on it. Poor cake – but it’s a nice story!

Here are a couple of other photos from the weekend!

Guess What?

So, I got called ‘ma’am’ yesterday. It made me feel old. But everyone seems to think I’m 14 (or 12 or 10) so I guess that’s a good sign? xD

Anyway, here was my conversation with Mal from yesterday morning. Before I post it, I should mention that he and I purposefully use horrid spelling and grammar when we text each other, just for fun (which actually makes no sense because it takes longer to text that out and prevent it from autocorrecting than it does to just write in normal proper English), and his nickname for me is “Hody Pody.” And he also calls me a scrub (which is a fond insult, I suppose). Don’t ask me about the bagel part lol. I wrote it out in slightly more understandable terms than the original conversation.

I texted him just before I went back to work at 11:15 after my break.

Me: Duuuuuuude guess what?
Mal: What?
Mal: Why you a bagel?
Mal: Why you do this?

I was off work at 1:00, and I went downstairs to get my stuff and checked my phone. I literally laughed out loud when I saw what he had texted me while I was working. xD

Me: Lololololol
Me: Maybe I’ll never tell you.

Then I started driving home, so I couldn’t text him for the next 20 minutes. xD

Me: Lololololol
Mal: I’ll eat all your chocolate.
Me: You wouldn’t.
Mal: I would.

I laughed so hard. It was hilarious. xD The actual text messages are below, in case you want to see the original version of the conversation. Lol.

Easter Weekend

I had a great weekend, and I hope you did too! Mine was filled with fun times, chocolate, and sunshine… well, more or less sunshine. Lol!

On Friday, I went for a walk and ended up at the beach. While Jacob and I sat there, reminiscing about past fun times, a truck arrived. It was a family with three kids. They brought pizza to eat while they were waiting for the tide to come in so they could fish. I don’t know why, but it reminded me of the fun afternoons I’ve always had with my family. It looked like the kind of thing we would have done when Mal and I were that age. :) It made me smile to think of all the things we used to do when we were younger. We were always walking, biking, and exploring new places. Some things never change!

Friday night, my mom, dad, aunt “Titi”, uncle Brandon, Jacob, Mal, and I went for a walk on the beach. Naturally, I somehow became up to my ankles in mud trying to follow Mal and Jacob up a cliff and had to backtrack to go around the mud. That’s just the way the story goes when I’m there! The sunset was lovely and yes, of course I took some pictures of it. xD

When I came home from work on Saturday, we ate pizza and garlic bread at my nan’s house. Then we got Mal’s dirtbike running (after putting the battery back in it and replacing a fuse), drove the bikes to the beach and had a fire. It was cold though, so we didn’t stay there too long. The drive wasn’t bad (well, I mean, I was wearing two pairs of mittens, two sweaters, and a winter coat, so how could I possibly be cold?), just sitting on the beach was because the wind was constantly at us. It was still fun though!

On Sunday, we mostly spent the day watching various movies, and I made my semi-famous fudge. :p It tastes like summer.

We took advantage of the after-Easter chocolate sales on Monday, and I bought more chocolate than I should have. Then I got some more on Tuesday (I should not be allowed to work at a grocery store), and, well, here’s the result of that:


I love Easter. :3

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun? :)

Unroll It Yourself

Mal and I are always snapchatting each other the funniest things… here’s the most recent one he sent me from his adventures at university!

In other news, my friend Jacob got his learners driver’s license yesterday! Yay!