Exploring Nashville

On the third day of September, we made it to Nashville, Tennessee! It’s quite a busy city, but not as bad as some places we have been. It wasn’t quite what we expected, but we only had a few hours to spend there.

We started with the Parthenon building. We walked among the pillars, but decided not to venture inside as we didn’t have a large amount of time. There was a lake sitting near it, so we walked the perimeter and saw some squirrels, Canadian geese, and cyprus trees. I really liked the funky trees and their reflections in the water.

20190903_131935_editA short way down the road on our way to the Parthenon, we had seen a place called No Baked Cookie Dough, so we had to check it out! They give big scoops of cookie dough, kind of like ice cream in a dish but with cookie dough instead. I tried peanut butter, chocolate chip, and confetti sugar, and they were all delicious! There is also a strawberry shortcake and chocolate brownie, which were also good. Unfortunately, I looked them up online and they don’t ship to Canada, but they definitely made it onto our List of Awesome Places! (Upcoming blog post to be written about the awesome places.)

Then we drove to Broadway Street and visited the Country Music Walk of Fame. We walked around the streets a bit, ventured into a couple of stores, I found some postcards, and then we walked down the street to a bridge over the river. By that time, we were pretty much melting in the southern heat, so we had supper at a place called Rock Bottom. My chicken strips came to me organized very fancily in a nice little chicken strip mound on my plate—fancy chicken strips! They were good too. :D

After supper, we left the city and drove south toward our first real destination: Pensacola, Florida! We stopped in Montgomery, Alabama—another new state for us. Our journey will continue from there.

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