Spring Bonfires and Fun

This weekend was a weekend full of bonfires and fun! Mal came home from university on Saturday after his last exam, and he’s going to be working nearby during the summer. We found a place up in the woods that was perfect for a fire. It’s quiet, isolated, and kind of surrounded by hills to keep some of the wind out. We went there twice this weekend, but before starting the fire, we watched the sunset on the beach.

Near the area, there is a small pond of turquoise water, which does not look particularly appetizing but the colour is pretty. Jacob drove the truck near it so I could take a picture. Saturday night was beautiful. There was only a slight breeze that came up every once in a while. It snowed a little bit, but the heat of the fire melted the flurries before they could get us wet. We brought an old couch that Jacob had for us to sit on, and we loaded up the truck with firewood and old cardboard boxes.

It was a lovely night. Sunday morning, my whole family went for a walk, and then Jacob, Mal, and I cut some firewood for that night and piled it into the truck bed. We picked up some old hay bales and our old Christmas tree to clean up my yard a bit too, and used them to start the fire. There was an ornament still on the tree, and we were too lazy to get out the ornament box, so we burned that too. xD

We went for a short walk on the beach after that, and I tripped on a rock. “Don’t fall Hannah!” Mal exclaimed. “I’ll try not to,” I said, and just as I finished speaking, my foot slipped and I fell onto my stomach and almost slid head-first off the rock I was standing on. xD We were all laughing about it. Then when we got back to the truck, Mal stole my phone, and here is the result.

Then we went back to the fire spot for the second bonfire of the weekend. Complete with twizzles, gatorade, marshmallows, and roasted hotdogs. :) Did you do anything fun this weekend?



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