Replacing the belt

So, the belt on the snowblower got burnt off for the second time this winter. Helping Jacob replace it is always fun, because I never know what I’m doing and he thinks I’m crazy (oh yeah, I am).

Him: Here, hand me a 10mil.
Me: …a 10 millimeter what?
Him: Socket.
Me: Oh. *picks something up* I don’t know what this is. *puts it back and picks up something else* Here’s an 11mil one… *puts it back and keeps looking*

By then he just stood up and got it himself. xD I’m so helpful. Then he asked me if my dad had some “needle nose pliers,” so we went to the house to ask him. He came with me because he didn’t trust me to pronounce it properly.

Me: *walks in* Do we have any meatloaf spiders?
Jacob: She’s trying to say needle nose pliers.
Me: That is what I said.

Anyway, a little while later, the rest of the path to the barn from my house is snowblowed and we’re ready for more snow. Yay!


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