Shale Ridge Ranch


Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having my own barn. Now that dream has come true.

Shale Ridge was established in 2014. There are now two spacious box stalls, a heated tack room, a back compartment for hay storage, and now a small shed added on beside it for more hay storage. At the front, there is a small overhang to shelter the horses during storms. Since they both have dust allergies, they are left out almost all the time, but are free to go in and out of the barn as they please, as well as having the overhang for added shelter.



The Horses

Destiny 03

Destiny—red bay Arabian mare: respectful, loyal, trusting

Molly 01

Molly—sorrel Quarter Horse mare: sweet, gentle, willing

Click here for more information on the horses.

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