Past and Present
Destiny is a purebred 12 year old registered Arabian mare. Born in 2005 (just months before I started riding), she had a bit of a rough start and was pretty much neglected and left to “run wild” at a boarding stable for the first few years of her life. The barn seized ownership of her when the board fees piled up, and sold her to my friend’s sister for the price of the unpaid fees. She trained Destiny and worked with her so she trusted people. A couple of years later, while I was looking for my own horse, she was thinking about selling Destiny (she was going away for university soon), so that kind of worked out for the best. I met her and rode her on October 5, 2010 (which I consider to be our anniversary), and on December 15 of the same year, after free leasing her for a while to make sure we did well together, she became mine.
Destiny is a bit spooky, sometimes spirited, and definitely not a beginner horse; but she is pretty good for an Arabian (especially considering her past) and she is improving and calming down as she gets older. She is very gentle, willing, and respectful.
Her registered name is Aswad Ameera.

Points of Interest
Destiny is what would be considered a “Domestic” Arabian. That simply means that she is a bit of a cross of different types of Arabians (but she is still purebred). She has some Egyptian, some Polish, and quite a bit of Crabbet in her bloodlines. This is typical of most Arabians found in the USA and Canada.

Based on her sire’s and dam’s colours, and since Destiny is bay, I was actually able to deduce her genetics myself.
Red factor: Ee
Agouti: Aa
Basically, that  just means that Destiny is heterozygous black/bay/chestnut; she has the potential to produce a foal that can have a chestnut, black, or bay base (meaning she could produce almost any colour of foal, depending on the sire’s genetics).

“If only all horses were as good as she is. You just stand next to her and she’s like ‘Oh, you want to go in?’ and moves.”
“She is absolutely gorgeous!”
“So pretty! Love!”
“How can you jump though cause the wood isn’t high?” “Two words: Crazy. Arabian. xD”
“Destiny is my favorite.”
“She would have such a gorgeous foal!”
“She is so sweet!”
“Desi’s just amazing.”
“That is a beautiful horse.”

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