Our Story

I have been riding horses since 2005. About that time, I also started keeping a private journal of all my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I’d write about my experiences with some of my favourite horses at the barn I took lessons at. Looking back, I’m glad I kept track of all the memories. The first horse I rode was Day, a pure white (“gray”) Arabian mare, one of the sweetest, most gentle horses I’ve ever met. As my riding level progressed, I upgraded to riding some of the more difficult horses, starting with Tender (chestnut Morgan mare), Oliver (chestnut tovero Appy gelding), and Jessie (palomino Quarter Horse mare). But Bryer was my favourite. She was a stunning black Morgan mare, and one of the fastest horses in the barn. Other riders, even those more experienced than me, found her difficult to slow down; but she listened to me quite well. I also had the opportunity to ride her colt, a large chestnut Morgan gelding named “No,” who is now doing well as a beginner-intermediate level lesson horse.

Five years ago, on October 5, 2010, I was finally able to buy my first horse, my infamous little Arabian mare, Destiny. She wasn’t always an easy horse to ride; these past years with Destiny have been filled with fun, happiness, and despair. So much has happened and we have both grown in many ways, together and apart. Over the years, I have gained–and lost–confidence, she has calmed down a lot from the hyper spooky fireball she was, and sometimes we both still surprise me (in good ways and bad!). For the most part, however, we are doing very well together and I couldn’t ask for a better horse (and friend)! I hope to share several of our most interesting adventures and maybe others can learn from some of our successes—and failures. As for me, I am just an ordinary 19 year old Canadian girl trying to find out who I am and where I belong in this world. But when I am with Destiny and my crazy family, interesting things tend to happen!



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