This Moment


This Moment ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – expelling no words – capturing a moment.
Inspired by barnraised and originally inspired by SouleMama.


This Moment


This Moment ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – expelling no words – capturing a moment.
Inspired by barnraised and originally inspired by SouleMama.

When the Wind Blows

Today I’m going to share a poem I wrote about 3 years ago. I was doing my schoolwork (I was homeschooled) one afternoon during a bad snowstorm, and I started writing a poem in my head. It’s about the isolation you feel at home in the countryside during a snowstorm like that, when the power is out and the wind is blowing snow around so much that you can’t see more than a foot in front of your face. It’s like the rest of the world is gone, and you’re just trying to survive the storm. :)

When the Wind Blows

When the wind blows
And snow flies away,
Signals the start
Of a brand new day.
Crashing, smashing,
Hurricane wind;
The last place on earth
Left to defend.
When the wind blows
And snow flies away,
I’m lost in the darkness,
Forced to stay.

This foggy morning

It was beautiful this morning! It was peaceful and still, a bit foggy, and there was still frost on the trees. I couldn’t help but stop to take some photos while I was walking toward my car on my way to work.


Storm #2

We got another big snowstorm yesterday. One of the drifts, by that night, was up to my neck!


My car became a snowball.

This morning, I shoveled the barn out once again to let the horses out. This time, they weren’t so excited to go exploring in the white stuff, so I hopped on Destiny’s back hoping to encourage her to go deeper. Then I ran out in it myself and started rolling around, which convinced them to try it out. (Ignore my horrible position in the photo–I had just ducked under the Shale Ridge sign when I rode her past it.)

They might not be overly thrilled about all the snow, but they’re happy to be out. Hopefully there won’t be any more big snowstorms until some of this melts…otherwise, all of my fences are going to be submerged in snow and I don’t really want to have to figure out a solution to that problem. xD I’m sure I’d figure something out though lol.

Then Jacob and I tried out his skidoo. He let me drive it, but that probably wasn’t a good idea. I rolled it onto its side in the snow, which he seemed to find hilarious. But hey, at least snow makes for a soft landing. xD That was a lot of fun. No matter how much snow there is, I’m always gonna find a way to have fun in it!


After the Blizzard

It’s been an interesting past couple of days. First, our water pump stopped working, so we’ve had to make trips next door to my grandmother’s house to fill up water buckets, shower, and use the bathroom. Then another 40 centimeters of snow arrived in the form of a blizzard on Monday. I spent the day watching The 100 and eating strawberries and jello. It was pretty crazy for a while there. I had to wade through snow drifts above my waist to get to the barn! But I’m not one to complain. Winter storms make for great photos and stories!

Plows hadn’t been by in a while. At least going next door meant I got to hang out with my grandmother’s cat Skecher!

The snow had mostly stopped by Tuesday morning, which was good, because I had to shovel out the barn and get my car out of the driveway (with a lot of help from Jacob and my mom) so I could go to work.



The horses were happy when I finally let them back outside after the snow stopped.

Here’s a video of Molly and Destiny playing in the snow yesterday morning.

You can check out my YouTube channel here or view the video directly on YouTube.

Only in Canada

…do your friends get you by assaulting your vehicle with timbits.


Mal, Jacob, and I came out of Tim Hortons one evening after getting a 6-pack of delicious donuts, only to find 5 timbits stacked on the antenna of Jacob’s dad’s truck and a couple tucked under the windshield wipers. xD “What the–who put timbits on the antenna!?” he exclaimed. I thought he was joking until I noticed that the antenna looked lumpier than usual; and sure enough, there was a handful of timbits on it. He then proceeded to swipe them off, and they went flying over our heads while I almost died laughing. We still don’t know who put them there, but it was a truly Canadian moment and I’m glad I was there to witness it!

Snow Day!

Yesterday was our first big snow of the year–and a snow day for everyone!

Our power was out, so we melted snow on the barbecue to use as water and cooked eggs and garlic bread on the propane stove outside. My mom and nan made coffee by filtering it through some kind of cloth thing, which apparently worked fairly well (but not perfectly).

We played games and (when the power came back on) watched movies for most of the day. I had to call Mal so he could explain to me in great detail how to chromecast a movie on the computer to the TV.

Mal: (a bunch of explaining)….so you just click that and it should work.
Mal: Did it work?
Me: Yeah and it’s SO COOL!!!

Finally, the sun came out! Some of the snow melted, but there’s still quite a bit…I think summer might be over. But that’s okay, because I’m Canadian and we Canadians know exactly how to winter. ;D I think we’re going to have a lot of fun this winter. I can’t wait for it to begin!