This Moment


This Moment ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – expelling no words – capturing a moment.
Inspired by barnraised and originally inspired by SouleMama.


This Moment


This Moment ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – expelling no words – capturing a moment.
Inspired by barnraised and originally inspired by SouleMama.

Broken but special

My family is where I gain my inspiration for blogging. We always seem to find a way to look on the bright side of every situation. I don’t know where I would be without them. They make my life what it is. :)

Last weekend, there was a cake auction in my village and my brother made a fancy “orange pop” cake for it. Unfortunately, on the drive over, the cake cracked in the middle and a piece fell off. My brother wrote on the auction sheet, “Broken but special,” which I think made a couple of other people bid on it. Poor cake – but it’s a nice story!

Here are a couple of other photos from the weekend!

Rules of Pizza Etiquette

Here are my Rules of Pizza Etiquette “to keep the integrity of the pizza,” as invented by Mal and me. I wrote this list originally as a note on my phone. When I tried to bring my phone back to iOS 9 (as opposed to 10), it deleted all of my notes, so I thought I lost this one until I found a screenshot I had saved about a year ago. When I finally found it, I decided it was finally time to share these rules with the world!

Rules of Pizza Etiquette and the Pizza Treaty of 2015

  1. You must eat your pizza right-side up at all times (that is, with the toppings facing up).
  2. You must eat your pizza starting from the tip.
  3. You must not tear, cut, or otherwise mangle your pizza (biting it doesn’t count because biting is what pizzas are made for).
  4. You must not dip your pizza in any substance of any kind.
  5. You must not fold your pizza or attempt to make it smaller in any way.
  6. You must NEVER EVER EVER joke about the pizza or make fun of it, or insult or degrade it in any way.
  7. You must never stop eating mid-slice. You must finish the whole slice before putting it down.
  8. You may not share a slice of pizza. You must eat the whole slice yourself. (The crust doesn’t count. If you want to give your crust to your friend, that is allowable as long as all other pizza rules are followed.) Exceptions may be made for extra-large pizza slices.
  9. You must enjoy EVERY bite of your pizza.
  10. You must never complain about the pizza.
  11. You must never discuss the pizza at any time other than while you are eating it. To keep the integrity of the pizza, you must not disclose any information pertaining to the pizza to anyone besides fellow pizza-eaters.
  12. You must not fling your pizza at anyone or pretend to fling your pizza at anyone.
  13. You must treat the pizza as an equal and hold it to the highest standard.
  14. When you burp while eating pizza, you must not say “excuse me” or any variation of those words, or you will offend the pizza, which breaks rule #6.
  15. You must never eat pizza without garlic fingers or garlic bread.

This list is, of course, just for fun, and a joke we made about the way my parents were eating their pizza (for example, eating it with a fork and knife and dipping it in sauce). Is there anything you would add to or remove from this list? How do you like to eat your pizza? Let me know in the comments! :)

Car Funnies

I am definitely not a car person, as you can probably tell….. Mal and Jacob make fun of me for all the stupid things I’ve said all the time. xD (On the bright side, maybe I’ve learned something since then? But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll end up saying more stupid stuff in the future.) Anyway, here are some of the funny things that have happened in the past year.

Last year, we were on our way down the road with a load of tires on a wagon, so we could put them on a car we were going to drive. My mom met us along the way, and we had to explain to her that we were not, in fact, taking the tires for a walk. “No, Mom, we’re just taking them for a walk! We thought they needed some air!” No pun intended. I changed one of the tires—it’s not quite as complicated as my grade 9 home etiquette course suggested—but while I was trying to tighten one of the nuts, my hand slipped and I faceplanted into the side of the car and then fell. Then I was playing with the wheel nuts. The boys were talking about the starter, and meanwhile I slid all the nuts onto my fingers and then hung my fingers upside down and proudly declared, “I’m hanging nuts from my fingers!”

While working on one of Jacob’s cars (the black one from last June/July), I was telling him about my friend Allison. I said, “She hit a pothole and the rim came off!” Mal looked at me and said, “…don’t you mean the hubcap?” Apparently, those are different. “I hope you didn’t tell anyone else that. ‘Yeah she was driving and then her whole rim just like came off and rolled across the road!'” Yeah, let’s hope I didn’t tell anyone else that. xD

Last summer, while we were eating ice cream in town, sitting on the back deck of the ice cream place, a fancy blue car pulled into the parking lot and here was our conversation:

Jacob: It’s a standard.
Me (to Mal): Only he would point that out. I would say that it’s blue, but he’ll explain what kind it is, the transmission, what kind of tires it has…
Jacob: …how much gas is left in the tank…
Me: Yeah, how much gas is left in the tank…
Jacob: And it’s a 2.2 litre.
Me: I don’t know what that means. My car takes a lot more than 2.2 litres of gas.
Jacob: It’s oil, not gas.
Me: Ohhhh!
Jacob: Hey, how many spark plugs does your four wheeler have? Four?
Me: What’s a spark plug?
Jacob: You don’t know what a spark plug is?
Me: No…
Jacob: I can tell you where the crankshaft is.
Me: *laughing* Crankshaft…xD
Jacob: You can find something funny about everything.
Me: Yup! Yup I can! *laughing so hard I can barely breathe*
Car: *drives away*
Me: *listens* Maybe it is a standard…

After I had my winter tires put on my car, we were talking about getting rims for my car and they checked the size. It was 14. A couple of days later, this conversation happened, and all I could remember was ’14’ but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was for.

Jacob: What size are your tires?
Me: 14?
Jacob: 215?
Me: 14.
Jacob: 215?
Me: 14.
Jacob: Okay, the rims are 14. What size are the tires? 215?
Me: 14?

By the way, 175. xD He checked. xD

Microwave Mishaps

About 8 years ago, I used to put my poptarts in the microwave. I didn’t want them toasted, I wanted them slightly warmed. Well, one day, I decided to save a plate and I set the poptart on the aluminum foil wrapper it comes in instead. About 5 seconds in, I heard a loud BOOM! I opened the microwave door and the wrapper was like gone… it had exploded.

Lesson learned: Do not put poptart wrappers in the microwave.

Earlier this week, I bought garlic bread from the store I work at. I followed the instructions for cooking it in the oven: cook it inside the aluminum foil wrapping. I ate half of it, wrapped up the other half, and put it in the fridge. A few days ago, I decided to eat the rest. I planned to warm it up, and decided it would be faster in the microwave rather than waiting for the oven to heat up. Leaving it wrapped up, I put it in the microwave and pressed start. About 15 seconds later, I heard sizzling and looked at the microwave. There were flames. The wrapper was burning, and it’s a good thing I noticed so quickly.

Lesson learned: Believe it or not, the microwave is not, contrary to what I thought, a tiny oven that cooks stuff faster.

On the bright side, after cutting away the part of the bread covered in ashes, it tasted just fine!

Spring Bonfires and Fun

This weekend was a weekend full of bonfires and fun! Mal came home from university on Saturday after his last exam, and he’s going to be working nearby during the summer. We found a place up in the woods that was perfect for a fire. It’s quiet, isolated, and kind of surrounded by hills to keep some of the wind out. We went there twice this weekend, but before starting the fire, we watched the sunset on the beach.

Near the area, there is a small pond of turquoise water, which does not look particularly appetizing but the colour is pretty. Jacob drove the truck near it so I could take a picture. Saturday night was beautiful. There was only a slight breeze that came up every once in a while. It snowed a little bit, but the heat of the fire melted the flurries before they could get us wet. We brought an old couch that Jacob had for us to sit on, and we loaded up the truck with firewood and old cardboard boxes.

It was a lovely night. Sunday morning, my whole family went for a walk, and then Jacob, Mal, and I cut some firewood for that night and piled it into the truck bed. We picked up some old hay bales and our old Christmas tree to clean up my yard a bit too, and used them to start the fire. There was an ornament still on the tree, and we were too lazy to get out the ornament box, so we burned that too. xD

We went for a short walk on the beach after that, and I tripped on a rock. “Don’t fall Hannah!” Mal exclaimed. “I’ll try not to,” I said, and just as I finished speaking, my foot slipped and I fell onto my stomach and almost slid head-first off the rock I was standing on. xD We were all laughing about it. Then when we got back to the truck, Mal stole my phone, and here is the result.

Then we went back to the fire spot for the second bonfire of the weekend. Complete with twizzles, gatorade, marshmallows, and roasted hotdogs. :) Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Guess What?

So, I got called ‘ma’am’ yesterday. It made me feel old. But everyone seems to think I’m 14 (or 12 or 10) so I guess that’s a good sign? xD

Anyway, here was my conversation with Mal from yesterday morning. Before I post it, I should mention that he and I purposefully use horrid spelling and grammar when we text each other, just for fun (which actually makes no sense because it takes longer to text that out and prevent it from autocorrecting than it does to just write in normal proper English), and his nickname for me is “Hody Pody.” And he also calls me a scrub (which is a fond insult, I suppose). Don’t ask me about the bagel part lol. I wrote it out in slightly more understandable terms than the original conversation.

I texted him just before I went back to work at 11:15 after my break.

Me: Duuuuuuude guess what?
Mal: What?
Mal: Why you a bagel?
Mal: Why you do this?

I was off work at 1:00, and I went downstairs to get my stuff and checked my phone. I literally laughed out loud when I saw what he had texted me while I was working. xD

Me: Lololololol
Me: Maybe I’ll never tell you.

Then I started driving home, so I couldn’t text him for the next 20 minutes. xD

Me: Lololololol
Mal: I’ll eat all your chocolate.
Me: You wouldn’t.
Mal: I would.

I laughed so hard. It was hilarious. xD The actual text messages are below, in case you want to see the original version of the conversation. Lol.