My Summer 2017

I hope your summer was filled with sunshine, fun, and good times! Mine was. I haven’t been actively writing posts for most of the summer, simply because it’s hard to sit down and write when it’s sunny and you want to be outside going new places and exploring! This post is just a quick update with a slideshow of photos from my summer. :)

It would be hard to explain every detail of my summer, but I’ll list some of the major points. Earlier in the summer, we took a drive down some dirt roads to an old quarry. It was quite a nice spot, and I’m hoping to go back sometime. My family and I went to this rock climbing place that my brother’s work was celebrating its anniversary at, so we all tested out the rock climbing walls, which was a lot of fun! One day, we took the four wheelers to the beach, had a little fire, and roasted hotdogs. We moved a big log close to the fire with Jacob’s four wheeler and used it as a bench – then someone came up with the idea to put a smaller log across it and use it as a teeter totter. We all took turns. Jacob also tied a couch to the back of his three wheeler one day and drug it around while Mal and I sat on it. Jacob and I got a jeep stuck in the mud out on a trail, right at the time that cell reception was down across Canada. So we had to walk to find someone to help us, wondering why our phones weren’t working until we returned to civilization and someone explained. Of course, there was also our legendary annual camping trip, which I already wrote a post about back in August.

All in all, it was a great summer and I’m sorry it’s over. Mal is back in university, so he’s away during the week, and Jacob is back in school. Work is busier than before, now that students are back, so I’m getting more hours. Luckily, the weather is still nice and I’m hoping it’ll stay warm until late into the year. :) Let me know how your summer was in the comments!

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This Moment


This Moment ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – expelling no words – capturing a moment.
Inspired by barnraised and originally inspired by SouleMama.

Car Funnies

I am definitely not a car person, as you can probably tell….. Mal and Jacob make fun of me for all the stupid things I’ve said all the time. xD (On the bright side, maybe I’ve learned something since then? But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll end up saying more stupid stuff in the future.) Anyway, here are some of the funny things that have happened in the past year.

Last year, we were on our way down the road with a load of tires on a wagon, so we could put them on a car we were going to drive. My mom met us along the way, and we had to explain to her that we were not, in fact, taking the tires for a walk. “No, Mom, we’re just taking them for a walk! We thought they needed some air!” No pun intended. I changed one of the tires—it’s not quite as complicated as my grade 9 home etiquette course suggested—but while I was trying to tighten one of the nuts, my hand slipped and I faceplanted into the side of the car and then fell. Then I was playing with the wheel nuts. The boys were talking about the starter, and meanwhile I slid all the nuts onto my fingers and then hung my fingers upside down and proudly declared, “I’m hanging nuts from my fingers!”

While working on one of Jacob’s cars (the black one from last June/July), I was telling him about my friend Allison. I said, “She hit a pothole and the rim came off!” Mal looked at me and said, “…don’t you mean the hubcap?” Apparently, those are different. “I hope you didn’t tell anyone else that. ‘Yeah she was driving and then her whole rim just like came off and rolled across the road!'” Yeah, let’s hope I didn’t tell anyone else that. xD

Last summer, while we were eating ice cream in town, sitting on the back deck of the ice cream place, a fancy blue car pulled into the parking lot and here was our conversation:

Jacob: It’s a standard.
Me (to Mal): Only he would point that out. I would say that it’s blue, but he’ll explain what kind it is, the transmission, what kind of tires it has…
Jacob: …how much gas is left in the tank…
Me: Yeah, how much gas is left in the tank…
Jacob: And it’s a 2.2 litre.
Me: I don’t know what that means. My car takes a lot more than 2.2 litres of gas.
Jacob: It’s oil, not gas.
Me: Ohhhh!
Jacob: Hey, how many spark plugs does your four wheeler have? Four?
Me: What’s a spark plug?
Jacob: You don’t know what a spark plug is?
Me: No…
Jacob: I can tell you where the crankshaft is.
Me: *laughing* Crankshaft…xD
Jacob: You can find something funny about everything.
Me: Yup! Yup I can! *laughing so hard I can barely breathe*
Car: *drives away*
Me: *listens* Maybe it is a standard…

After I had my winter tires put on my car, we were talking about getting rims for my car and they checked the size. It was 14. A couple of days later, this conversation happened, and all I could remember was ’14’ but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was for.

Jacob: What size are your tires?
Me: 14?
Jacob: 215?
Me: 14.
Jacob: 215?
Me: 14.
Jacob: Okay, the rims are 14. What size are the tires? 215?
Me: 14?

By the way, 175. xD He checked. xD

Carbequing Twizzles

A few years ago in July, Mal and I were waiting in the car for my mom to come out of a store. We had just gotten twizzlers (which we sometimes call “twizzles”) from another store, and it was a hot day. While eating the twizzlers, Mal scrutinized one closely and then lay it on the dash of the car, in view of the sunlight pouring through the windshield. We decided to call this “carbequing,” because we were roasting them on the hot dash of the car. Then Jacob texted Mal, and Mal decided to mess with him. xD

Jacob: What are you doing?
Mal: We are carbequing twizzles.
Jacob: Carbequing twizzles? What is that?
Mal: When you carbeque a twizzle.
Jacob: Do you mean barbeque?
Mal: No I am in a car so it is carbeque instead.
Jacob: I don’t understand.
Mal: Carbeque is barbeque in car. Carbeque.
Jacob: Oh oh oh oh oh oh! What is Hannah doing?
Mal: Carbequing twizzles.

xD It was pretty funny and we were all laughing about it afterward. The twizzlers actually started to get quite warm too! And of course that gave us future ideas for roasting them over campfires and warming them on other hot objects, like a four wheeler seat (oh wait, never mind, that was a cookie). We’re quite creative when it comes to warming up food!

Sunday Adventures

Yesterday started out feeding the horses in the morning. The barn was peaceful and quiet, and it was quite a warm, sunny day.

After that, Mal, Jacob, and I went for a little drive, set up some cans, and shot at them with our air pistols. Then we went for a short hike up some hills and got a nice view of the area.

There was no water in the barn (it’s back now!), so we carted all the buckets to the house in a trailer behind the four wheeler. Then we all went four wheeling and had a fire.

So that was my Sunday. And that’s what happens the day after you stay up until 5:00 in the morning! It was a great day! How was your day? :)

Things you might want to know before you message me

I’ve been updating some of my pages recently and I found this, which I wrote a few years ago on an online horse game I still occasionally check up on. I wrote it as a joke, but it mostly holds true even now. xD

– I am usually very friendly and love making new friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Of course it’s always nice to have friends your own age, but I won’t refuse to talk to someone just because they are under 18, or 13, or 10. Age isn’t of importance. What is of importance is that we share at least one thing in common: a love of all things horses. xD
– I am very shy in real life; on here, however, I am usually either too quiet or too talkative. Don’t be surprised if I respond to your one-line message with 20 paragraphs, all on the same subject. :3
– I tend to use way too many smilies, so I tend to try to cut back…but I feel rude when I do, soo…xD
– I hate it when people lie about themselves. If you don’t own a horse, that’s cool! It doesn’t make you any less of a person than if you did.
– I don’t trust easily.
– I usually use proper grammar and punctuation. I write very formally until I get to know a person a bit better; then I tend to use a ton of ‘lol’s and ‘haha’s.
– I am crazy and awesome, but aren’t we all. xD
– I always worry about offending people. If I ever offend you, tell me because I didn’t mean to, I promise. xD
– I do not give out personal information online, I don’t care who you are. There are very few people on here I would even consider giving out information to, my very good forum friends, and I can’t even give that information to them, so anyone else doesn’t stand a chance. xD
– As you can probably tell, ‘xD’ is my favourite face thing. So if you see a lot of ‘xD’s in my message,…sorry. xD

I’m a Shovel

When your friend spells stuff wrong when texting you and you make fun of him for it:


I am too a shovel. And I’m apparently very stubborn too. (He was trying to say “You’re not shoveling” because I was sick. But I tried to shovel anyway.)