This category includes all of the “crazy” aspects of the blog. Some posts that go in this category would be the fun stuff, random facts about me, interesting conversations between me and my family members, and anything else I can think up that doesn’t seem to fit in another category. Most of these posts are inspired by my family and the ridiculous things we all come up with.

2015, September 7: The Girl Behind the Mask
2015, September 16: What Country Means To Me
2015, October 12: Things I Love About Autumn
2015, October 31: Candy Recommendations
2016, January 11: That Moment When
2016, January 17: Sledding with the Horses
2016, January 28: Things I Love About Winter
2016, January 29: Miranda Sings Award
2016, March 16: 50 Things To Do Before You Turn 20
2016, March 23: 21 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 21
2016, April 4: Spring Calls
2016, July 4: Don’t Pet the Bumblebee!
2016, July 8: Big Waves at Daytona Beach
2016, September 3: “Go on a Long Four Wheeling Trip”
2016, November 2: What happens when I work at a grocery store
2016, December 13: Christmas Party 2016
2016, December 28: Things I’ve been thankful for this holiday season
2017, January 11: Accomplishments of 2016
2017, January 13: This Moment
2017, January 23: Who Am I?
2017, February 12: Go Driving
2017, February 27: Skidoo Trip
2017, March 5: Tic Tac Toe
2017, March 9: Looking at Old Floors

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