Microwave Mishaps

About 8 years ago, I used to put my poptarts in the microwave. I didn’t want them toasted, I wanted them slightly warmed. Well, one day, I decided to save a plate and I set the poptart on the aluminum foil wrapper it comes in instead. About 5 seconds in, I heard a loud BOOM! I opened the microwave door and the wrapper was like gone… it had exploded.

Lesson learned: Do not put poptart wrappers in the microwave.

Earlier this week, I bought garlic bread from the store I work at. I followed the instructions for cooking it in the oven: cook it inside the aluminum foil wrapping. I ate half of it, wrapped up the other half, and put it in the fridge. A few days ago, I decided to eat the rest. I planned to warm it up, and decided it would be faster in the microwave rather than waiting for the oven to heat up. Leaving it wrapped up, I put it in the microwave and pressed start. About 15 seconds later, I heard sizzling and looked at the microwave. There were flames. The wrapper was burning, and it’s a good thing I noticed so quickly.

Lesson learned: Believe it or not, the microwave is not, contrary to what I thought, a tiny oven that cooks stuff faster.

On the bright side, after cutting away the part of the bread covered in ashes, it tasted just fine!

Summer Pasture

We walked the horses over to Molly’s place for their summer pasture on Saturday night. I miss them already. <3 I get to sleep in a half hour later when I go to work early, but it’s sad not to see those welcoming faces with their ears pricked forward, kind eyes excitedly watching me while I prepare their feed every morning.

Now they have lots of grass. I try to visit them every day, and I’m hoping to ride Destiny again soon. I want her to get used to being away from Molly. Des never used to be particularly herd-bound, but since she met Molly, she doesn’t like to be away from her. When I ride her out of Molly’s sight, they both start calling to each other, Molly goes racing through the pasture, and Destiny wants to run too. She settles down after a while, but the procedure almost always repeats the next day I ride her. I want to get her focused  on me and used to being by herself so I can ride her on some trails near my house later in the summer when they come back home.

The farrier came yesterday to trim their hooves. I’m glad both of them are so good with their feet. They’re so easy to work with. xD We have to get the vet out soon too for their annual vaccinations. :)


I wrote this poem a few years ago about Destiny and her loyalty as a true Arabian horse. The Arabian is supposed to be a very loyal breed, so I tried to put it into words. :)

When the sun shines bright and clear,IMG_9884_small
And when the snowflakes glitter near,
You’re as constant as a star;
You shine your light on all that’s dark.

When dawn breaks light and all’s arose,
When twilight brings it to a close,
Your kind eye guides me all the way;
You’re always there with no delay.

Your silky coat and ears attuned,
None will get past your post assumed;
Your watchful gaze forever meets
All that deny your loyalty.

No matter what, in rain or fire,
To stand by you is my last desire.
Through hopeless dreams of useless things,
You read my heart and set me free.

Power’s Out

My power went out yesterday, for no obvious reason. I had just filled the sink to wash my cat’s dishes and put some chicken strips in the oven when it went out. I had to wash and carefully rinse the dishes, and then my dad helped me cook my chicken strips on the barbecue. I watched the horses over the rail of the deck while I waited.

I then spent the afternoon playing games on my laptop (thank goodness I got a new one, the batteries actually hold a charge!) and eating the candy I bought at Bulk Barn last week, until my dad lent me some of his data on my phone. Then he, my mom, Mal, and I all sat in the living room snapchatting each other random funny stuff until the power finally came back on. That’s what happens at my house when the power goes out. xD

I also got a new sweater yesterday, so I wore that to the barn today. The horses are doing really well. They wait patiently by the fence every morning now for me to let them out on the grass. Destiny’s pretty much done shedding, but Molly’s still a bit fluffy. I’ve been brushing her every day, but no matter how much I do there’s always still hair! They both look really good though. :)

Have you guys seen the “dedotated wam” video? (If you’ve seen it, you probably know what I’m talking about.) My brother and I have been laughing at that phrase for days. It actually sounds so much like something we would say just for fun! I tried to find a good copy of the video to link to on YouTube, but I couldn’t find one. It’s funny because the first time he showed me the video, it took me a second, but I understood what the guy meant the first time he said it. I don’t know if that means I’m crazy or just good at figuring out what people are trying to say. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time talking to Mal about computer stuff. I don’t know. xD

Cookies and Bernie the Bunny

I think it’s finally summer! Well not exactly, not for another month and a half, but it’s been warm and we’ve been trying to find places that sell ice cream. Unfortunately, not many do yet, but soon I will get my two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

We went to Bulk Barn last week, since Mal and I still had gift cards to use. Between the three of us, we got 5 pounds of mini chocolate chip cookies. I think we have a cookie problem. xD We got candy too of course.

There have been a couple of bunnies hanging around in my backyard lately. I got out to take some pictures of one of them a couple of days ago. Mal and I decided to call him Bernie. :3

Yesterday, we set up some temporary fencing to put the horses out on the front lawn so they can eat some of the green grass. They were pretty happy about that!