Some posts that go in this category would be the fun stuff, funny lists, funny conversations between me and my family members (which tend to occur on a daily basis), and so much more you’ll just have to take a look for yourself!

2016, January 13: Does Your Cat Do This?
2016, January 19: Rules of Extreme Ping Pong
2016, January 27: Snow Bicycling
2016, March 16: 50 Things To Do Before You Turn 20
2016, April 24: Eleventeen Sneaky
2016, May 23: You Gotta Start the Car
2016, July 13: You know you spend a lot of time on your computer when
2016, November 5: Deriving Rivets
2016, December 9: Chainsaws and Christmas Trees
2016, December 15: Me trying to split wood
2016, December 21: A Broken Shovel
2017, January 21: Unroll It Yourself
2017, February 6: Only in Canada
2017, February 9: One Second
2017, February 20: I’m a Shovel
2017, February 25: Replacing the Belt
2017, March 12: Things you might want to know before you message me
2017, March 16: Round and Round
2017, April 3: Carbequing Twizzles
2017, April 21: Guess What?
2017, May 21: Microwave Mishaps
2017, June 7: Car Funnies
2017, June 13: Rules of Pizza Etiquette
2017, June 21: Broken but special

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