Categories Explained

Here are the categories used on Country Unlimited (in alphabetical order), linked to pages that list the different posts that use that category (in chronological order).

21 Things — 21 things I want to do before I turn 21

Blogging — posts related to blogging and bloggers

Canada — posts about Canada or Canadian things, ideas, or traditions

Cars, Trucks and ATVs — anything related to motor vehicles

Cats — anything related to cats, kittens, and crazy stories about my cats and kittens

Dogs — posts about dogs and puppies

Exploring — posts related to our local adventures, such as geocaching adventures

Fun — fun stuff, crazy conversations, random things, facts about me; generally inspired by my family and the things we all come up with

Funny Text Conversations — funny conversations that have been had over text with friends and family

Horses — horse stuff, including training tips, progress Destiny and I are making, and pretty much anything else that involves horses, training, and riding

Holiday — posts related to holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

Humour — fun stuff, funny lists, humorous conversations, etc., as inspired by my family

Music — songs, music videos, and musical updates

My Life — updates on me and my horse and the stories that happen in our everyday lives

Other Animals — posts about animals not listed by other categories

Photography — posts featuring photography

Poems — my poetry

At The Ranch — updates on my barn and fun at Shale Ridge

Recipes — my recipes or recipes I’ve adapted

Suggestions and Help — useful advice of all kinds and some suggestions that may be of use

This Moment — a weekly photo feature

Travelling — my travelling adventures away from home

Work Life — posts about working as a cashier and more

More will be coming soon!