Meet Lexi

Yesterday, we brought home the newest arrival of the family; meet Lexi, my new Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix. She’s about 11 months old, very smart, and a sweet, pretty girl. She has quite a bit of energy, but she calms down quite well once she sees that nothing is going on. She seemed to really enjoy the drive home, and hopped right up into and out of the truck when I asked her to. She’s a bit nervous around my cat Cinnamon now, and he isn’t too impressed about her either at the moment, but I know they’ll learn to love each other soon enough. I brought her out to meet Destiny and Molly this morning, and while she seemed to be a bit timid around them as well, they were quite interested in her and I think they’ll get along just fine. She’s very playful and is settling in great! :)


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