The Icy Barn Door

Well, it’s June, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! It’s been a fairly cold, rainy June so far in my part of the country. On the other hand, at least it isn’t wintery cold! I’m sharing a poem I wrote 3 years ago about a particularly icy winter we had, to try to make us grateful that it’s at least as warm as it is!


Hailstones pelt my face as I walk,
Endlessly across snow hard as a rock;
Angling my path to the top of the hill,
Pausing when wind blows so hard I stand still.
Barn lock is frozen, coated with ice,
Hammer’s over here, hit it twice;
Chipping ice away from the bolt and the edge,
Icicles so solid they’ve formed a wedge.
Barn door is finally open now,
Creaked jarringly wide with a cracking sound;
Wind blows door, almost pinning me inside,
Have to use all my strength to open it wide.
Pick up the hammer to de-ice the latch,
Pushing hard on the door when the wind tries to catch;
Finally get the barn door secured,
When the blizzard begins and whiteout obscures.


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