Rescuing a Gosling

Yesterday, Jacob and I were going to check on Molly and Destiny. They’re staying about a 5-minute drive from my house, and most of that is spent driving slowly down the long dirt driveway. As we were driving, we saw two Canadian geese and about 4 goslings running down the road in front of the car. I stopped the car so it wouldn’t scare them, and we watched them. As they were running, however, one of the smaller goslings got left behind and hid in the ditch while the other disappeared. We got out and found the baby, and after determining that the parents weren’t coming back for it, took it home with us.

We put it in a big blue bin with some shavings, food, and water, and put a heat lamp over it to keep him warm. We also filled the sink in my barn with water and let him swim around in it, which he seemed to love.

Unfortunately, we found out that it’s illegal to handle geese without a permit where I live, so last night we took him to someone who takes in wild animals. She plans to take care of him until he can be released back into the wild. It’s kind of sad, but I know it’s for the best, and he’ll be taken good care of and allowed to run with a couple of other goslings. :) Hopefully I’ll be able to visit him sometime in the summer to see how he’s doing. Here are a couple of videos I took while we still had him with us.

Check out my YouTube channel or view the videos directly on YouTube: #1 #2


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