Microwave Mishaps

About 8 years ago, I used to put my poptarts in the microwave. I didn’t want them toasted, I wanted them slightly warmed. Well, one day, I decided to save a plate and I set the poptart on the aluminum foil wrapper it comes in instead. About 5 seconds in, I heard a loud BOOM! I opened the microwave door and the wrapper was like gone… it had exploded.

Lesson learned: Do not put poptart wrappers in the microwave.

Earlier this week, I bought garlic bread from the store I work at. I followed the instructions for cooking it in the oven: cook it inside the aluminum foil wrapping. I ate half of it, wrapped up the other half, and put it in the fridge. A few days ago, I decided to eat the rest. I planned to warm it up, and decided it would be faster in the microwave rather than waiting for the oven to heat up. Leaving it wrapped up, I put it in the microwave and pressed start. About 15 seconds later, I heard sizzling and looked at the microwave. There were flames. The wrapper was burning, and it’s a good thing I noticed so quickly.

Lesson learned: Believe it or not, the microwave is not, contrary to what I thought, a tiny oven that cooks stuff faster.

On the bright side, after cutting away the part of the bread covered in ashes, it tasted just fine!


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