I wrote this poem a few years ago about Destiny and her loyalty as a true Arabian horse. The Arabian is supposed to be a very loyal breed, so I tried to put it into words. :)

When the sun shines bright and clear,IMG_9884_small
And when the snowflakes glitter near,
You’re as constant as a star;
You shine your light on all that’s dark.

When dawn breaks light and all’s arose,
When twilight brings it to a close,
Your kind eye guides me all the way;
You’re always there with no delay.

Your silky coat and ears attuned,
None will get past your post assumed;
Your watchful gaze forever meets
All that deny your loyalty.

No matter what, in rain or fire,
To stand by you is my last desire.
Through hopeless dreams of useless things,
You read my heart and set me free.


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