Carbequing Twizzles

A few years ago in July, Mal and I were waiting in the car for my mom to come out of a store. We had just gotten twizzlers (which we sometimes call “twizzles”) from another store, and it was a hot day. While eating the twizzlers, Mal scrutinized one closely and then lay it on the dash of the car, in view of the sunlight pouring through the windshield. We decided to call this “carbequing,” because we were roasting them on the hot dash of the car. Then Jacob texted Mal, and Mal decided to mess with him. xD

Jacob: What are you doing?
Mal: We are carbequing twizzles.
Jacob: Carbequing twizzles? What is that?
Mal: When you carbeque a twizzle.
Jacob: Do you mean barbeque?
Mal: No I am in a car so it is carbeque instead.
Jacob: I don’t understand.
Mal: Carbeque is barbeque in car. Carbeque.
Jacob: Oh oh oh oh oh oh! What is Hannah doing?
Mal: Carbequing twizzles.

xD It was pretty funny and we were all laughing about it afterward. The twizzlers actually started to get quite warm too! And of course that gave us future ideas for roasting them over campfires and warming them on other hot objects, like a four wheeler seat (oh wait, never mind, that was a cookie). We’re quite creative when it comes to warming up food!


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