Facts About Destiny

I thought I’d share a few random facts about Destiny. I’ve spent more than 6 years getting to know this girl, and she’s something special, that’s for sure. :)

  1. She’s a purebred Arabian, with mostly Egyptian, Crabbet, and Polish influences. Her lines go back to Arabs such as Red Tape, Ansata Ibn Halima, and Nazeer.
  2. Her sire is black and her dam is chestnut. Because Destiny is bay, I was able to figure out her genetics. Basically, she’s heterozygous for black, bay, and chestnut bases; or in other words, depending on a stallion’s genetics, she could produce pretty much any colour of foal.
  3. She is allergic to oats, soy, and wheat (and borderline allergic to carrots). So, she is allergic to most horse feeds. She won’t eat beet pulp, so now she’s just on a supplement for vitamins. It’s a good thing she’s an easy keeper and keeps her weight during the winter!
  4. She loves apples, sugar cubes, molasses, and candy. But she won’t touch bananas.
  5. She has a single black ermine spot on her right hind leg, on the inside, right above the hoof.
  6. She’s been barefoot since I got her about 6 and a half years ago and has never gone lame.
  7. She has 2 whorls (swirls) on her forehead.
  8. She is very respectful and easy to work around. She’s great with the farrier and vet, takes wormer easily, picks up her feet, trailers well, etc. She’s very sensitive so it’s easy to move her. Most of the time, I just have to think about what I want her to do and she’ll do it.
  9. She likes to chew on things. I can’t leave any wood edges in the barn or she’ll have them gnawed down to nothing. She also has a tendency to gently nibble on my coat sleeve or my hat if I’m wearing one…
  10. She’s 12 years old, but her teeth suggest she’s older. I have her papers to prove her age though and my friend (who owned her before me) knew her since she was a yearling.
  11. She goes bridleless.
  12. She listens just as well to a snaffle bit as to a rope halter as to a regular halter.
  13. She doesn’t neckrein. But I can lead her from the ground by her mane or by using a rope around a neck, or I can put my hands over her head and use them as a halter.
  14. She was born in 2005, the same year I started taking riding lessons.
  15. She was neglected for the first year or so of her life; then my friend’s sister started working with her and eventually bought her.
  16. She is about 15 hands high.
  17. She has never been bred, but I have considered breeding her in the past.
  18. She trips over things I ask her to step over, yet she’s actually quite sure-footed and can hop around on 3 legs while I try to teach her to lie down on command. -__-
  19. She’s built just slightly uphill.
  20. Her sire is a reining horse.
  21. She can be spirited when she hasn’t been worked in a while, but usually she’s rather quiet and even acts a bit lazy. But she’s fairly flightly and definitely not a beginner’s horse.
  22. Her neigh sounds quite masculine.
  23. She gets lonely when she’s not with other horses, but she usually prefers to be a bit apart from the herd when she’s turned out with more than one other horse. Two horses she’s gotten along particularly well with over the years were Monte (bay Anglo-Arabian colt) and Daisy (dark bay Hanoverian filly). She likes Molly too.
  24. Some people have asked me if she was a Quarter Horse, because she has a bit of a stockier build than your typical Arabian. I think it’s the Polish influence; it makes her legs thicker, her hooves larger, etc.
  25. If I lose my balance when I’m riding her and fall forward onto her neck, she slows down and waits for me to catch my balance.
  26. She has a smooth, floating trot.
  27. She has a great “whoa.”
  28. She gets quite fluffy during the winter. <3 I try not to blanket her unless she’s cold.
  29. She’s turned out 24/7 except during bad storms. She and Molly do better outside because there’s less dust. They have access to shelter at all times though.
  30. Her nicknames are Des, Desi, Desirei, Pony, and sometimes DezziWezzie. :3


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