Things you might want to know before you message me

I’ve been updating some of my pages recently and I found this, which I wrote a few years ago on an online horse game I still occasionally check up on. I wrote it as a joke, but it mostly holds true even now. xD

– I am usually very friendly and love making new friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Of course it’s always nice to have friends your own age, but I won’t refuse to talk to someone just because they are under 18, or 13, or 10. Age isn’t of importance. What is of importance is that we share at least one thing in common: a love of all things horses. xD
– I am very shy in real life; on here, however, I am usually either too quiet or too talkative. Don’t be surprised if I respond to your one-line message with 20 paragraphs, all on the same subject. :3
– I tend to use way too many smilies, so I tend to try to cut back…but I feel rude when I do, soo…xD
– I hate it when people lie about themselves. If you don’t own a horse, that’s cool! It doesn’t make you any less of a person than if you did.
– I don’t trust easily.
– I usually use proper grammar and punctuation. I write very formally until I get to know a person a bit better; then I tend to use a ton of ‘lol’s and ‘haha’s.
– I am crazy and awesome, but aren’t we all. xD
– I always worry about offending people. If I ever offend you, tell me because I didn’t mean to, I promise. xD
– I do not give out personal information online, I don’t care who you are. There are very few people on here I would even consider giving out information to, my very good forum friends, and I can’t even give that information to them, so anyone else doesn’t stand a chance. xD
– As you can probably tell, ‘xD’ is my favourite face thing. So if you see a lot of ‘xD’s in my message,…sorry. xD


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