Storm #2

We got another big snowstorm yesterday. One of the drifts, by that night, was up to my neck!


My car became a snowball.

This morning, I shoveled the barn out once again to let the horses out. This time, they weren’t so excited to go exploring in the white stuff, so I hopped on Destiny’s back hoping to encourage her to go deeper. Then I ran out in it myself and started rolling around, which convinced them to try it out. (Ignore my horrible position in the photo–I had just ducked under the Shale Ridge sign when I rode her past it.)

They might not be overly thrilled about all the snow, but they’re happy to be out. Hopefully there won’t be any more big snowstorms until some of this melts…otherwise, all of my fences are going to be submerged in snow and I don’t really want to have to figure out a solution to that problem. xD I’m sure I’d figure something out though lol.

Then Jacob and I tried out his skidoo. He let me drive it, but that probably wasn’t a good idea. I rolled it onto its side in the snow, which he seemed to find hilarious. But hey, at least snow makes for a soft landing. xD That was a lot of fun. No matter how much snow there is, I’m always gonna find a way to have fun in it!



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