After the Blizzard

It’s been an interesting past couple of days. First, our water pump stopped working, so we’ve had to make trips next door to my grandmother’s house to fill up water buckets, shower, and use the bathroom. Then another 40 centimeters of snow arrived in the form of a blizzard on Monday. I spent the day watching The 100 and eating strawberries and jello. It was pretty crazy for a while there. I had to wade through snow drifts above my waist to get to the barn! But I’m not one to complain. Winter storms make for great photos and stories!

Plows hadn’t been by in a while. At least going next door meant I got to hang out with my grandmother’s cat Skecher!

The snow had mostly stopped by Tuesday morning, which was good, because I had to shovel out the barn and get my car out of the driveway (with a lot of help from Jacob and my mom) so I could go to work.



The horses were happy when I finally let them back outside after the snow stopped.

Here’s a video of Molly and Destiny playing in the snow yesterday morning.

You can check out my YouTube channel here or view the video directly on YouTube.


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