A Broken Shovel

Christmas is right around the corner! Today is the first day of winter. Snow has fallen. Wood is burning (not at my house. We have electric heating. But we can still smell the neighbors’…and it smells like winter!).Who’s excited!?

When my mom asked my brother and me what we want for Christmas:

Mom: What do you guys want for Christmas?
Me: A broken shovel and a rope!

In my YouTube video “Sledding via Four Wheeler,” my brother and I used the handle of a broken shovel and tied a rope to it, and then to the back of the four wheeler to have tons of fun. Unfortunately, sometime over the past 2 years, we lost the handle, so we haven’t been able to use that with our sledding adventures. Who knew a broken shovel could be so much fun?

I hope the winter sees you well and that you’re all (or almost all) ready for Christmas! I am. :)


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