Christmas Party 2016

Our 2016 Christmas party has passed and it was a blast! We ate lunch, which for me consisted of peanut butter balls and pumpkin pie. We also drank Mountain Dew and I became far more hyper than I should ever be allowed to be… lol. Then we played lots of games. We played Crokinole, and then a bunch of games my mom and Mal had come up with. In one, we looped ribbon around two peoples’ waists and then they spun to try and get a tree ornament hanging on the ribbon from one person to the other. Then we did one where we stuck cottonballs to our noses with petroleum jelly, ran down the hallway, and shook them off into a bowl.

We played a game where we stuck small marshmallows to candy canes, and whichever team stuck the most to their candy canes won. And we blew greeting cards across the table, which nearly had me on the ground panting for breath.

Then we did our annual yankee swap, where Mal revealed what he had gotten as his gift: fireworks. I should have guessed that! Someone had put in, among other items, a couple of fuzzy white mustaches that stuck to our faces. Some of us got a little carried away playing with them…xD


We did the annual saran-wrapped ball of chocolate, candy, and other goodies as well–where one person struggles to unwrap it while others roll a die in attempts to get a 6, at which point the ball will be passed to them. Later, we played a game called Quelf, which has a tendency to make the players do random stupid stuff–the perfect game for us! It was quite funny and very fun.

At one point, Jacob, my uncle Brandon, and Mal tried making a stack of themselves, which I found quite funny (left photo below).

It was a great day and a successful party. I’m so glad I didn’t have to work! :) We finished the night off by watching the newest episodes of Survivor and Canada’s Worst Driver. What a perfect day to put us in the Christmas mood! Now there’s just 12 more days! Wahoo!


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