Chainsaws and Christmas Trees

Our annual family Christmas party is tomorrow! It’s very exciting. I have my yankee swap gift, we made peanut butter balls last night, and last weekend we got our Christmas tree!

This is the second year that Mal and I have gone to get the tree without our parents’ help. This year, Jacob came along and brought his dad’s chainsaw, so we didn’t need to axe a tree half to death. With that, there were a lot more trees to choose from. We didn’t need to pick a tiny short tree with a slim trunk.

Mal took the four wheeler down the road, and Jacob and I followed in my car. Once we got to the trail on my uncle’s property, we all piled onto the four wheeler and scanned the area for the perfect Christmas tree. Of course, in our eyes, the perfect Christmas tree is perfectly imperfect. Finally, we found the one. Jacob cut it down with the chainsaw and it fell gracefully to the ground. Then we sized it up, chopped off some branches, and voila–we have the perfect Christmas tree! It’s actually one of the best we’ve ever had, I think. After that, Jacob let me try out the chainsaw on the remains of the tree. That was interesting. I always wanted to use a chainsaw. I even tried to convince my mom to let me get one at a yard sale when I was younger. xD Then we went home. Mal somehow held the tree over his shoulder on the four wheeler and drove home like that (good thing it isn’t a long drive!).

Here’s a video of our tree-getting adventures!

You can watch it directly on YouTube here or check out my channel here.

On another note, my mom was saying something about a present she could get me or Mal. Mal jumped on it, trying to figure out what it was. xD

Mal: Does it have a motor?
Mom: Maybe.
Mal: Can you use it to power a car?
Mom: Maybe.
Mal: Ooh so it could be like a battery. Does it have batteries in it?
Mom: Maybe.
Mal: Is it square?
Mom: Yeah.
Mal: Is it circular?
Mom: Yeah!
Mal: Ooh so it’s square and circular!

Tonight, we are going to decorate the tree and dip the peanut butter balls in chocolate. Then tomorrow, we party! :D


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