Snow Day!

Yesterday was our first big snow of the year–and a snow day for everyone!

Our power was out, so we melted snow on the barbecue to use as water and cooked eggs and garlic bread on the propane stove outside. My mom and nan made coffee by filtering it through some kind of cloth thing, which apparently worked fairly well (but not perfectly).

We played games and (when the power came back on) watched movies for most of the day. I had to call Mal so he could explain to me in great detail how to chromecast a movie on the computer to the TV.

Mal: (a bunch of explaining)….so you just click that and it should work.
Mal: Did it work?
Me: Yeah and it’s SO COOL!!!

Finally, the sun came out! Some of the snow melted, but there’s still quite a bit…I think summer might be over. But that’s okay, because I’m Canadian and we Canadians know exactly how to winter. ;D I think we’re going to have a lot of fun this winter. I can’t wait for it to begin!




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