Crazy Autumn Weekend

This weekend, I was so excited to have the whole weekend off! Mal, Jacob, and I had a lot of fun. On Thursday night, the three of us went for a drive on some dirt roads in my fancy car. Mal was reminiscing about a day earlier in the spring when he was shaking a rotten tree and the top broke off and almost landed on his head.

Mal: I almost made myself a widow!
Jacob: Mal, do you know what a widow is…?
Mal: Yeah, I don’t think that’s quite how it works…

On Friday, Mal and I had our whole day planned out! This was the plan:

  1. Do something stupid.
  2. Eat cookies.
  3. Watch The Walking Dead.
  4. (Maybe) Kill zombies on COD.

We completed everything on the list. xD In the morning, we went for a walk on a trail by the beach and did a lot of really stupid stuff, like trying to walk in a straight line with our eyes closed. We then proceeded to eat lots of cookies and spent the afternoon killing zombies, and then Mal made me and Jacob try out his car game on the xBox (I ran into a lot of things…). After supper, Jacob, Mal, and I ran around with bubbles from the sink trying to get it in each others’ hair like the ‘mature adults’ we are. And then we watched The Walking Dead. Hooray for fun Fridays!


On Saturday, the three of us met my friend Allison to go to a candy store and bought candy (as if I don’t have enough…). Later, we played around with Jacob’s old Ram. For supper, Mal and I made garlic bread, and he made fun of me because I didn’t know how!

Me: How do you make garlic from garlic powder though?
Mal: …….

I guess I can now add garlic bread to my short list of foods I know how to make. Along with frozen pizzas and Mr. Noodles.

On Sunday, we went for a walk on the beach.


And of course, I took lots of sunset pictures because it was really nice weather all weekend! Here’s my collection of sunsets. xD


I refuse to let a single beautiful sunset get away!

So it was a great weekend! I’m glad it was a long weekend for all three of us. :) How was your weekend?



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