“Go on a Long Four Wheeling Trip”

I have now completed #4 on my list of 21 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 21: Go on a really long four wheeling trip. It wasn’t long in the sense of distance, but in time spent away from home I guess. :)

On Thursday, Mal, Jacob, and I went exploring some new trails and found an ATV shelter. We hung around there for much of the afternoon, then continued down the trail, which comes out near a gas station and pizza restaurant. We ordered some pizza and garlic fingers, then went across the road to the gas station to get a pound of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (which the three of us shared), chocolate bars, and Mountain Dew. It was a fun day!


We also tried our hand at splitting wood. Truthfully, watching me try to use an ax is hilarious. Then I was texting Jacob about it that night:

Me: Do you wanna know what my mom just said about me splitting wood? xD
Jacob: Yeah what?
Me: “You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s dangerous!” xD
Jacob: Doing what? Splitting wood?
Me: Yup. xD
Me: She doesn’t think I can split wood. xD
Me: Oh wait. I can’t split wood. xD
Jacob: Lol. Yes you can.
Me: Barely lol
Jacob: You’re better than my sister and my cousin.
Me: Really? How could I be better than them????? Lol
Jacob: Well they can’t even hit the stick.
Me: Oh. xD

We returned to the shelter yesterday to celebrate Mal’s last day home before today when he moved into his room at university 3 hours away. It’s going to be so weird with him gone. We’re used to doing everything together. But he will be home some weekends and over Christmas break, and I know that our crazy adventures are not over. :)



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