Don’t Pet the Bumblebee!

Hey guys! First off, Happy Fourth of July to all the American peeps out there! Watch lots of fireworks! And for my fellow Canadians, Happy late Canada Day! I hope you had as much fun playing with fireworks as I did. ;D

Yesterday, Malachi, Jacob, and I went four wheeling to find some geocaches. On the way, we stopped to check the map on Mal’s phone, and that’s when I saw a bumblebee on a flower. “I want to pet the bumblebee!” I said, bending down to gently stroke it with my finger. Mal looked up and, seeing what I was doing, exclaimed, “What are you–DON’T PET THE BUMBLEBEE! ARE YOU NUTS!!!???” xD Yes, I am nuts. But the bumblebee was very soft. :3

We found a couple of geocaches, but another one’s position on our map suggested that we needed to walk down the beach to find it. So, that’s what we did. We climbed big rocks, crossed nearly vertical cliff walls, and slid down slippery wet rocks, timing our steps to the waves so we wouldn’t get splashed much. It was a long walk, and probably took us almost 2 hours!

Finally, we were starting to get close. And then we realized, the geocache was not actually on the beach. It was at the top of the cliff beside the beach, and if we had driven another kilometer or so down the road, we could have just walked a few steps to find it. (Oh well, our way was definitely much more fun! I doubt anyone else would be crazy enough to go that way though, lol!) Our next mission was to climb the cliff, which wasn’t too hard. I think climbing down it might have been a bit harder, but we didn’t get to find out. We went the faster way back to the bikes: down the road.


I regret nothing! Still, if I had known we were going to walk for so long, I wouldn’t have brought my helmet… (but at least I didn’t need to worry about falling and hitting my head!)

At the top of the cliff, we found the geocache! Unfortunately, there was no pencil and we weren’t smart enough to bring one, so we couldn’t sign our names. We took a victory photo instead!


Not long before we reached the end, Jacob gave up on crossing the nearly vertical cliff wall, saying, “You guys are nuts. I’ll wait back there,” so he didn’t quite make the victory photo. We plan on going back sometime with a pencil to sign our names, and then he’ll make it. He met us back on the road and we all walked back together. On the way back to the bikes, we weaved our way through a field of ferns and were then able to walk straight down the road. It was a crazy adventure, but also very fun. With us, life is never boring! xD

And I think this crosses off #18 on my list of 21 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 21: Do something fun that scares me; because some of those cliffs were downright scary to cross! But it was still really fun and a great day. We plan on having more four wheeler geocaching adventures soon. :) If you guys have never heard of geocaching, you should definitely look it up because it’s pretty cool and you can have a lot of fun with it!


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