Seeing the Corolla Wild Horses

Yesterday, continuing on our road trip, my family and I began the long journey home from Florida. We’re kind of taking our time on the return trip, traveling up the east coast to see a few more states. We drove into the Outer Banks in North Carolina and decided to stay a couple of nights here. So today, we had the incredible opportunity to take a wild horse jeep tour in Corolla. It was absolutely amazing! We didn’t see any wild horses at first, so our guide took a route through the sand dunes and we got to see some of the horses grazing just next to the trail–and one of them had a young foal with her!

Then, on the way back along the beach, we got to see more horses! These ones had wandered onto the beach and were standing in the breeze to get away from flies.



My mind is blown; I have seen wild horses on the beach! For me, this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I have no regrets! If any of my fellow horse lovers ever get the chance, I highly recommend this experience.


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