Eleventeen Sneaky

It’s such a lovely day today! Sunny and warm, with just a slight breeze. I think it might finally be spring!

This morning, I fed the horses, and then was talking to my brother. I should mention, we have a lot of inside jokes, and referring to 11 as “eleventeen”  is one of them. Other than that, I’ll leave you with our conversation this morning.

Me: Guess how warm it is outside!?
Him: Umm… like, eleventeen sneaky. …Wait! No! I saw the word ‘sneaky’ and accidentally said it. It’s not my fault!
Me: But everything is always your fault.
Him: No!
Me: Well, it’s quite warm. Like, eleventeen sneaky warm.
Him: Nooo! Not fair!!!

Later we went biking for the first time this season and climbed some interesting cliffs (safely!). I think it’s gonna be a good summer. ^^


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