Spring Calls

Yesterday my brother, our friend Jacob, and I went for a walk in the woods. Somehow, we found out that we can do a three-way call on our cellphones, so we tried it. It was really cool! We decided that that would be the perfect walkie-talkie scenario if we’re ever doing recon on a situation (yeah, I play too much COD).

Then, my brother grabbed my phone, put both of our phones on speakerphone, and held them against each other. I never thought about how cool it would be to do that. Whatever you say, it just echoes over and over again, but it gets higher in pitch every time so eventually it just sounds like a squeaky boomerang sound (well, that’s what I thought it sounded like anyway. I don’t actually know what a squeaky boomerang sounds like).

In other news, this was the view of the barn from my driveway last Saturday. The ice had frozen on the tree branches, making it shimmer in the barn’s light. <3


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