50 Things To Do Before You Turn 20


(Photo courtesy of my aunt, edited by me)

So, I recently turned 20. Yes, I know, I’m old now. Maybe soon my butt will start to sag! xD

Anyway, I made a list of things I did in the last 20 years…mostly just stupid little things that I remember well enough that made me laugh, or things that I can’t believe I actually accomplished that I’m proud of. Because, why not? Think of all the things one can do in 20 years! I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff over the years…here are some I’m hoping might make you laugh. (:

50 Things I Did Before I Turned 20

  1. Ride a horse bareback and bridleless
  2. Do donuts with a four wheeler
  3. Crawl across a droopy tree branch to cross a river (or be like my brother, lose your balance, and fall in)
  4. Ski down a double black diamond trail (I didn’t run into any trees either! My brother did though…hehehe)
  5. Learn to snowboard (I got lots of experience in falling too!)
  6. Slam on the front brakes on your bicycle so you flip it and go flying over the handlebars (I was trying to do a burnout and forgot which brake was which. I thought I had it right..)
  7. Go extreme sledding over jumps! (Don’t use a crazy carpet…just don’t. Unless you’re wearing clothes made out of bubble wrap)
  8. Poke a cactus
  9. Jump on a trampoline with 50 or more water balloons
  10. Jump off a 50+ meter cliff into water
  11. Slide down a 10-meter rock yelling “NOODLES” just because you can. (I suggest you don’t do this. Not only will it hurt, a lot, but your friends will probably question your sanity)
  12. Learn every single Lazy Town song with your best friend (we were interesting kids..lol).
  13. Enjoy math. o_o (I like calculus…NO! NO! I refuse to enjoy a math!!!)
  14. Learn (or at least start learning) to play electric guitar (or another musical instrument). But first, practice playing your AIR GUITAR ‘cuz you know you’re really good at that!
  15. Learn (some) HTML
  16. Go to a different country (ARIZONA OH YESH!! oh wait that’s not a country. HELLO USA! WHERE ARE ALL YOUR PALM TREES, MAINE!?)
  17. Climb scaffolding with a broken hand because your boss can’t figure out how to use your cell phone to take a picture, so you start climbing up before she can stop you. xD (Okay, I also suggest you don’t do this one. Especially the part about breaking your hand. Just..don’t, ohkay?)
  18. Make an (or several) online friend(s) and (try to) keep in contact with them, even 5 years later. You guys in Sadie’s forum are THE BEST!
  19. Drive a 1000cc four wheeler =o <3
  20. Drive with a trailer (I still remember when my mom was learning to reverse with a trailer; it took her about 10 minutes to reverse 10 meters to the turnoff she missed on an isolated dirt road. Then some guy was chilling on the side of that road in his truck and grimly gave her a thumbs up. BEST DAY EVER! I was very careful not to drive past that turnoff when I had the trailer…)
  21. Ride on a ‘redneck tiltawhirl’ (not a good idea if you get motion sickness)
  22. Run as fast as you can until you can’t possibly continue any longer
  23. Do a chin-up (or a pull-up. Or both)
  24. Learn a new language (I learned some German last year in university, and it was actually really fun!)
  25. Bike down stairs
  26. Look stupid while playing on the Wii (I always bowled with the remote control pointed toward the wall, 90 degrees from the TV screen. And yes, I got a strike almost every time. My brother hated me.)
  27. Throw a basketball and get it in the net BACKWARDS. Then watch your brother fail every time. ^^
  28. Do a perfect handstand for several seconds.
  29. Roast marshmallows over a candle
  30. Star tip
  31. Do a slam dunk (even if that means climbing the basketball net)
  32. Make a horsehair bracelet from your horse’s mane/tail and wear it everywhere <3
  33. Dip a Dorito in chocolate and eat it
  34. Jump off a roof (into snow. I’m not crazy!!)
  35. Eat 12 cookies in a day (where’d all my cookies go!?)
  36. Slip and fall on ice 3 times or more in one day
  37. Pull an all-nighter and drink lots of Mountain Dew until you get very dizzy and lose the ability to can (and believe me, when you get to that point, you will actually understand what it means to ‘lose the ability to can’)
  38. Wear your sunglasses at night
  39. Shoot a snowman in the head with an arrow
  40. Carry someone on your shoulders
  41. Slide down the rail of a flight of stairs
  42. Ride your bike with no hands
  43. Try out a cool skateboard trick (and possibly fail, if you are like me and cannot even stand on a skateboard without falling)
  44. Do donuts with a horse
  45. Plank on a horse
  46. Flap your brother’s bird (that sounds so wrong)
  47. Have a ‘conversation’ with strangers from miles away with lights in the dark (if only I knew morse code!)
  48. Gallop with a horse
  49. Go camping in a tent for at least 3 days
  50. Wash your hands in an outhouse with the scented thingie in a urinal (thanks Mom. That was NOT a sink, and that was NOT soap in it)

While I was making this list, I watched back a lot of old videos my brother and I made. It’s hilarious to look back at all the crazy, stupid stuff we used to do. But they’re such good memories, and I think it’s really important to have fun like that when you’re young. ‘Cuz, you know, now I’m 20 so I don’t have any more excuses for doing crazy, stupid stuff. (Don’t worry, I’ll continue to do crazy, stupid stuff anyway. Some things never change)

I’m now working on a list of things I’m hoping to do before I turn 21, hoping to post it in the next few days!



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