Happy Birthday Destiny!

Yesterday was Destiny’s 11th birthday! Continuing a tradition started by the girl I got her from, I made her and Molly a special mash of carrots, apples, and molasses (no oats in it this year since we found out Destiny’s allergic to them!). I can’t believe I’ve had her for 5 and a half years now. She’s a lot less spooky than she was when I met her as a 5 year old, and I’m proud of the progress she’s made over the years! We’ve both come a long way, and my little girl isn’t such a baby anymore. She’s a full-grown, absolutely beautiful mare who’s getting calmer with every year that goes by.  The Arabian in her isn’t always obvious, but today it is! She’s cute and fluffy with her winter coat still, but she is also stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and absolute perfection on hooves. <3 Happy birthday Destiny!


(This photo was taken in October 2015. So, no, she isn’t very fluffy in it! I assure you, she is wayyy fluffier today than she was then!)



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