Winter Fun at Shale Ridge

It was a beautiful day at Shale Ridge! We had so much fun. The horses ran around in the snow and rolled. My brother and I got out the four wheeler and sled and made a trail. Then we finished off the day with a beautiful sunset!

It wasn’t easy driving through the snow at first, but once we made a trail, the sled worked much better. We were able to get up enough speed to make it really fun! Everyone took a turn today, including my little cousins. We spent about 3 and a half hours out on the sleds! It was a very fun day. I’m looking forward to more like it!

I will be uploading a video of the sledding, hopefully tomorrow or later this week. Look for it on my channel, HannahDestiny27. Otherwise, I’ll try to either embed it on this post once it’s uploaded, or I’ll make a new post for it.

As other news, I recently made a new cover photo for my YouTube channel!

I hope your day was as fun-filled as mine!


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