Things I Love About Winter

Who’s looking forward to getting more snow? Okay, so winter can be hard. Waking up much earlier than usual to shovel, plow, and scrape the windows on your car. Falling on ice as you walk to work. Struggling to push your wheelbarrow full of horse manure through the snow so you can dump it. Freezing fingers while you toss hay and refill water buckets. Cleaning stalls after needing to put the horses in the barn on stormy nights. It isn’t always easy.

But there are a lot of good things about winter too, and not just for those who are under 10 years old. Everyone can enjoy at least certain aspects of winter—you just need to find the little things you like about it. :) Here’s my list of things I love about winter.

  1. Sitting by the fireplace with your family on a stormy night
  2. Snow days
  3. That feeling when you walk in snow that has never been touched
  4. When the sunlight sparkles off the surface of untouched snow
  5. Skiing
  6. Snowboarding
  7. Extreme sledding
  8. Being pulled on a sled behind your four wheeler
  9. You get a good workout just walking 100m.
  10. Cold cheeriness brings out the best in everybody.
  11. Christmas
  12. Frosty horse breath
  13. The horses get excited and riding is fun.
  14. When you fall in the snow, it doesn’t hurt!
  15. Riding bareback in deep snow and it’s like you’re floating over the snow
  16. Icicles
  17. The world turns black and white.
  18. It’s full of inspiration for poems and stories.
  19. Great for taking pictures
  20. The magic of the first snow, fluffy white flakes falling softly from the sky
  21. The snow acts as an insulator, so it’s often warmer than late fall.
  22. It gets dark early, so why not relax, watch TV, or play video games for a while?
  23. The smell of winter <3
  24. Families come together
  25. The horses get frisky, so you get to see them run around and play in the snow
  26. Snowy walks at night
  27. Coming home in the dark when the world feels peaceful and isolated <3
  28. The beauty of street lights on the snowy ground at 5:00 on a winter evening
  29. Seeing your breath
  30. The sound of snow crunching under your feet
  31. The feel of snow under your skis
  32. The sound of skates on ice
  33. Falling and getting up again
  34. Soup on a cold day
  35. Roasting marshmallows over a winter fire
  36. Eggnog
  37. The freshness of a new year
  38. Drawing on frosty windows
  39. Building snow…everythings
  40. Doing donuts on ice
  41. Watching your cat step into the snow and disappear…and then instantly reappear as it dashes for the house
  42. Seeing animal footprints
  43. Snowy hair and fur
  44. Trying to decide whether a tree is a fir or a spruce
  45. Shoveling snow off the roof of your house…then jumping off into it!
  46. Brushing off the satellite dish in a snowstorm so you can watch your favourite show
  47. Biking on ice
  48. Lots of laughs
  49. Trying to walk up icy hills and sliding back down
  50. Not being afraid to do crazy things because you know it won’t hurt if you fall
  51. You know it won’t last forever…so why not make the most of it?Shnowman

And if you are ever discouraged about winter, just watch my fluffy Arabian play in the snow. xD This is a video I posted last winter. Recently it has reached 11,000 views. That might not seem like a lot to some, but it is to me!

To view it on YouTube, click here, or check out my channel!

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