Snow Bicycling

Yesterday, my brother, our friend, and I decided to go biking. Why should the presence of snow stop us? (Actually, I think the reason we decided to go was more because we knew that most people wouldn’t. And that makes it so much more fun!) So, we biked in the snow. We went off-road, of course, and drifted through the snow.

But, you know how most people can do crazy stuff (or not-so-crazy stuff) and get away with it? Well, I am apparently the one who cannot. When most people fail, they flip their bike or something and face plant into the ground, and it looks cool and that’s that. But not me…my foot has to get stuck on the handlebar (seriously, what is it with me and handlebars!?). Yeah, smooth, I know. This holds true for a lot of areas in my life. If something weird/funny/unusual can happen, it will happen to me.

And it did. Luckily my brother wasn’t going to let me ride into the snow without a camera handy, so here is your video proof of how awesome I am.

To watch it on YouTube, click here or check out my channel.

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