Sledding with the Horses

Last night, my brother, our friend, and I tied the blow-up sled we got for Christmas to the back of our four wheeler and…well, had fun. x3 It has handles on it, so it was easy to stay on it while whipping around turns (unlike the sleds we’ve used in the past…but of course falling off is all part of the fun!). Still, we managed to unseat our friend and make him fall off. xD

After a while, we went into the horse pasture so we’d have more room. I told them the horses would ignore us, but I wasn’t entirely right. They behaved though (by which I mean, they didn’t try to eat the sled…or the four wheeler. Well, okay, Destiny did try to chew on the four wheeler, but…)! They followed us for a few minutes—it was so cute! I think they wanted to join in the fun! So I consider that a success. And I desensitized the horses at the same time. Win, win!


Here’s a video of one of the sleds we tried to use last year! I’ll have more videos up later (hopefully the one we took last night too), but this is the only one I’ve put up so far.


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