That Moment When

This post is inspired by charliiandmeg’s post “What’s Happiness?”, which was originally inspired by Mixolydian Musing’s post “Happiness Is…”. (I encourage you to check out both of their pages!) I have adapted the idea to make my own “That Moment When” post. These are some moments that make me happy.


That moment when:

  • you make a comeback to your brother’s insult, and then realize it’s even better than you thought and ties into at least 2 other things you were previously talking about. BUUURRRNNNN!!
  • you’re playing a game with your family or friends and laughing so hard it hurts
  • you’re going for an evening walk in the snow and the air is that perfect temperature where it cools you down and energizes you
  • your horse nickers at you just because she’s happy to see you
  • your horse runs to you
  • you ride your horse for the first time in a long time
  • you canter bareback without falling off
  • your cat comes when you call but hisses when another person tries to touch him xD
  • the snow melts and you realize you can run again <33
  • your boss tells you that you can leave work early
  • you finish something really hard and challenging and then just sit back like “I did it…that was awesome!”
  • you feel so in sync with your horse and it’s like you just have to think something and she does it instantly <333
  • you’re texting your brother or a friend and are having such an interesting conversation that you realize that if anyone else saw it, they’d think you were both crazy
  • you feel like you’re the only one who thinks something, and then you tell somebody and they agree with you!
  • you feel really inspired and want to do everything all at once
  • you try something new and realize it’s really fun
  • you’re four wheeling on a really crazy trail
  • someone attempts something and fails, and then you nail it
  • you’re running and have so much energy that you’re not even getting tired
  • you fall and it doesn’t hurt so then you just lay there laughing
  • literally rofl’ing…and then doing so even more because you just realized you literally rofl’d
  • you’re dancing to one of your favourite songs just because you want to
  • you finish something and then it’s just like FREEDOM!!!
  • you’re driving/walking in the dark and it’s so peaceful and quiet and you can see so many stars <333
  • you find a book you really wanted to read but then forgot to read so you haven’t read it yet and now you get to read it
  • you have the kinds of friends that you all walk somewhere in public and don’t care what anyone else thinks (even though you know that you and your friends probably appear to be very crazy)
  • you realize how perfectly a single quote or a picture you’ve taken describes your whole life
  • you find a GIF that you seriously relate to
  • you’re looking at pictures you’ve taken and are seriously loving the ones you took of your horse because FINALLY she was not doing anything silly in them, and you had actually brushed her mane the day before so for once there are no giant knots in it…
  • you’re home alone and you blast music loudly in your house
  • and then turn up the bass…a lot
  • you discover a song you love so much it’s just perfection
  • your brother can’t unscrew the cover on a bottle, so you have to do it…and you actually succeed (where he is usually the one unscrewing YOUR bottle covers)
  • you find some socks or a pair of pants or a shirt that actually fits perfectly :o
  • you discover that you’re actually a lot stronger than you thought you were
  • you wake up and realize it’s going to be a beautiful day so you start making crazy plans of what to do
  • you get an unexpected message from a friend you rarely see
  • you realize that someone else is just as crazy as you are :D

What are some of the moments that make you happy?



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