Christmas Fun and Traditions

I hope everyone’s Christmas has been as great as mine! Our Christmas tradition is to have a big party at my uncle’s house on Christmas Eve (with lots of chocolate, candy, and other treats of course!). We played lots of games such as pool, crokinole, and battleship. It’s great to be part of a family that knows how to have fun and can be extremely competitive, but yet is so close that we can still laugh at ourselves and each other, and know that no one is offended by it. And yes, we do laugh at our own and each other’s failures. A lot. They don’t repeatedly tell me to be gentle for nothing…you probably don’t want to ever be in the same room with me playing ping pong. (It’s a good thing ping pong balls are small and light. Poor walls..and door…and ceiling……..and my brother’s face)

Anyway, for Christmas, some of the things I got are a CO2 BB air pistol, an electric guitar, and a really cute stuffed pickle with eyes that my uncle made (long story!). Another thing I got is a new sign for my barn, Shale Ridge.



Molly also gets a new sign for Christmas!

Some say, “You know you’re a farmer when the first thing you open on Christmas morning is a bale of hay.” I may not be a farmer, but I am an equestrian, and I can honestly say that the first thing I opened this Christmas morning was a bale of hay. And the first present I gave was a candy cane to Destiny. Destiny likes candy, but Molly doesn’t, so she got some apples instead!

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (soon)! What did you do for Christmas, and what are some of the gifts you got?


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