What do you get a horse lover for Christmas?


Me and my Christmas pony enjoying a snowy ride a year after she became mine. (2011)

Are you stuck on ideas of what to get your horse loving child, relative, or friend for Christmas? Here are some inventive ideas I’ve come up with that might help! Most of these ideas are for young people, but plenty would be nice for an adult to have as well. These are things that I either have or would love to have. Many of them will work even if the person in mind doesn’t have his/her own horse. Personalized items can easily be done for a horse they ride or visit often, as well as their own horse.

Things to Get a Horse Lover for Christmas

  • a bracelet with their horse’s name engraved on a brass plate, much like these ones (if not an option, you could also engrave the name of a beloved pet, a barn name, or even the person’s name on it)
  • name plate for their horse’s stall (if they own a horse)
  • horse gear: if they own a horse, you could get them a nice new saddle, bridle, reins, or a bit; if they don’t have a horse, you could get them a cheap set of brushes or a halter that they could play with
  • obstacles, jumps, cones, poles, or desensitization equipment for someone who owns a horse (and practices natural horsemanship)
  • horse DVDs or books by professional horse trainers (such as Clinton Anderson, Parelli, or Jonathan Field)
  • play toys or treats for their horse
  • a professional photo shoot of their horse or of them with their horse
  • personalized drawing of their horse (either by you, if you’re good at drawing, or by a professional)
  • slideshow, video, scrapbook, or photo album of their horse
  • personalized calendar with pictures of their horse
  • knitted or crocheted image of their horse
  • write a poem or short story or sing a song featuring their horse
  • use your imagination and your talents to make something personalized and special (such as the last six examples)
  • horsehair bracelet, such as this one. Or, collect several strands of their horse’s tail and make one yourself. If you aren’t good at making bracelets, some websites offer the possibility of sending your collected horse hair to them and they’ll send you the finished bracelet for a fee
  • halter, lead rope, saddle, saddle pad, or bridle personalized with their horse’s name engraved on it
  • horse accessories, such as blankets, pillows, calendar, and posters
  • model horses if they’re into that kind of thing (some examples include Breyer, Schleich, and recently I’ve discovered I can get CollectA online)
  • wooden horse barn to play in with model horses
  • horse games (Horseopoly, horse games for computer, xBox, Wii, etc.)
  • a “horse binder” if you think they’d be interested: tell them they can cut out pictures from magazines or print off their favourite horse pictures and glue them to the paper to collect them, and maybe give them a name and other characteristics. I had a lot of fun as a kid doing this and inventing my own horse farm in my little blue binder.
  • subscription to a horse magazine
  • horse books (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • horse movies (Flicka is a good one, Dreamer, or Black Beauty for example)
  • journal to write about their horse/adventures in
  • horse jewelry
  • money for online horse games, such as Howrse (to buy passes) or Horseland (for premium membership) if they play them
  • riding boots (Ariat is a good brand)
  • cowboy hat if they ride western or would like that
  • jeans or riding attire
  • horseshoe anything
  • horse head style hooks to hang things on in their room
  • a ride on horse toy for younger children
  • a camera so they can take pictures of horses for themselves
  • CD of their favourite horse-related songs (or a barn playlist)
  • gift cards to tack shops
  • riding lessons; if this is a beginner, make sure the horses are quiet, gentle, and easy to work with, and always make sure they are well cared for. Make sure the instructor is friendly, fun, and knowledgeable about both horses and riding.
  • short-term lease on a horse for someone who is already taking lessons (shorter term than buying a horse and it’ll let you know if they’re serious about it, but beware that they could easily become attached and have a hard time giving up the horse after the period of time of the lease)
  • a horse, of course! (However, if you have enough money and time to seriously consider this option, be sure to do your research and make sure the person you are buying the horse for is an experienced rider and is very knowledgeable about horses. Too often, beginners become discouraged when they find out how much work horses really are or when they don’t have enough experience to properly care for or train their own horse—and yes, even the quietest, most reliable horse will need a confident rider every once in a while to prevent any bad habits from forming)

Is there something else that you, as a horse lover, would love to get for Christmas? Let us know or voice your opinions on my suggestions by commenting!


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