Winter with Horses

I am pleased to announce that Molly’s stall is finished! *insert squeals of excitement here*

Okay, so no, I don’t actually do that. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever squealed in excitement, ever. But it’s still pretty exciting.

It’s just in time too! Last night, it snowed enough to make Destiny shiver (it was a very wet snow, and she is, after all, a descendant of desert horses), so we kept the horses inside for the night.


I’m hoping that we can keep them outside most of the time, even when it snows, but last night was a different story considering how wet it was. I like to keep them out because both horses are allergic to dust and it’s better for them to be out, but they were both fine in the morning. I think it’s partly due to the hay–it’s really good quality hay!

This morning was beautiful. Destiny was eager to get out and play in the snow. She rolled, of course. Molly was more interested in the hay. (I love how predictable horses can be…)

This evening when I got home from work, I decided to go for a bareback ride in the snow. It was either going to be a very fun ride, or a very cold ride…maybe both. Well, it wasn’t a cold ride, but I did fall off. Destiny decided it was a good idea to rear when I asked her to trot (she has never reared with a rider and I’ve only ever seen her rear maybe 5 times in the 5 years I’ve known her). It was really funny actually. Her ears were forward, so she wasn’t mad…I guess she just got a bit excited. It was really fun though, and a lot smoother and more graceful than I would have expected. Anyway, I ended up slowly sliding off her hind end. But I landed on my feet, still holding onto the reins! Bonus points for me, I guess. If I had been prepared, I bet I could have stayed on (and it’s odd for me to say that because I’m the last one to have any confidence in my bareback riding skills). It’s not like she reared high enough to flip over or anything. In the end, it was a very fun day and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a blast trotting through the snow! I love riding her high-stepping trot when she’s excited. <3



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