Candy Recommendations

Today is Halloween…and that means candy!


(What Halloween means to me: rampaging through all the candy stores the day after and taking advantage of anything on sale.) :3 So I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites. These are not necessarily Halloween-themed candies; just the ones I find to be the best of the best.

My Top 10 Candies

  1. Salt water taffy
  2. Laffy taffy
  3. Strawberry licorice with cream filling
  4. Airheads with flavoured filling
  5. Rainbow sour belt-type things
  6. Gummy…anything
  7. Nerds
  8. Twizzlers and Nibs
  9. Cotton candy (especially banana flavour!)
  10. Jellybeans

But what about chocolate? Chocolate is an integral aspect of Halloween. Halloween without chocolate isn’t Halloween at all….it’s just a stomachache caused by excessive sugar intake. Chocolate balances it out. Right? Well, sort of. But alas,

My Top 10 Chocolate Brands and Types

  1. Lindt <3 solid milk chocolate
  2. Jean Talon brand!
  3. Anything Kinder Surprise (…my brother complains when I throw away the “surprise” part and takes it out of the garbage to find out what it is…). I know these are illegal in the USA and that is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. Poor Americans…guess they’ll have to take an occasional vacation to Canada to have these! xD
  4. Chocolate with raspberry or strawberry filling…or like, chocolate with a cherry inside!
  5. Those delicious little pumpkin balls…
  6. Chocolate-covered peanuts…and chocolate-covered raisins…and peanut M&Ms…and just regular M&Ms…(…they have chocolate in them…)
  7. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar
  8. Chocolate-covered cookie dough
  9. White chocolate
  10. Jersey milk bar

But what is Halloween without chips!? Everybody likes chips!

My Top 4 Kinds of Chips

  1. Zesty Cheese doritos
  2. Cheesies
  3. Nacho doritos
  4. Sweet Chili Heat doritos

Well, I’ve never been known to drink much pop…but here are:

My Top 4 Drinks

  1. Mountain Dew
  2. Grape-flavoured pop
  3. Powerade
  4. Eggnog…. :3

Okay, but what about fudge? Fudge can be related to Halloween, right? Right?

My Top 5 Flavours of Fudge

  1. Raspberry vanilla swirl
  2. Strawberry vanilla swirl
  3. Strawberry cheesecake
  4. Cookies and Cream
  5. Chocolate vanilla swirl

…and anything else really. If it’s fudge, and I am near it, it will disappear. No questions asked.

While we’re at it,

My All-Time Favourite Donut Flavour

  • Maple…with strawberry filling!!!

Okay, so maybe this isn’t an actual donut (yet!). But one day at Tim Hortons (yes, I am Canadian..), I got a maple dipped donut, and my brother got a strawberry filled donut. And I stole some of his strawberry filling and put it on my maple donut. And it tasted like perfection. o_o

Except now he won’t let me go near his donuts anymore…..

(I won’t begin to mention cookies…I’m sure they’ll come up in some future discussion!)

So how are you celebrating Halloween? Are you wearing a costume? What are some of YOUR favourite treats?


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