Trip to the Vet

It’s that time of the year again for these two: time for vaccinations!

IMG_4403This is Cinnamon. He is the one with the “selective” personality. With most people, he’s interested until they try to touch him, at which point he becomes a growling, hissing ball of teeth and claws. There are a few exceptions. To us, his family, he is a very sweet, loving cat. He’s very good with me. When he’s hissing at some unlucky newcomer, I can usually start petting his head and he’ll calm down and let them pet him too. That doesn’t always hold true when it comes to the vet though…

IMG_4392And here’s Cuddles (right). She is very calm and gentle. I’ve never known her to bite anyone, except maybe gently when she’s especially playful. She’s easy to work with, but she gets very nervous when it comes to car rides and usually ends up crawling around in the backseat, looking for a way out.

The first time we took these two to the vet, we kept them in a crate; but that made them especially nervous and all we heard the whole ride was incessant meowing. We’ve discovered that keeping them on leashes works much better, so we’ve done that ever since. Cinnamon usually sits on the floor by my feet, and Cuddles wanders around the back.

IMG_4372  IMG_4381 IMG_4377 IMG_4355

Today went pretty well. The minute we walked into the examination room, Cinnamon began to growl and hiss. Cuddles usually just lies down, shaking nervously. Cinnamon was doing okay until the vet touched him to vaccinate him…at that point, he whipped his head around and sank his teeth into the sleeve of my sweater. But he didn’t move and I prevented him from biting anyone (else..), so I’d consider it a success. (btw, he is not usually quite so ornery…until last year when I didn’t go with him, he hadn’t bitten anyone in years!) Cuddles is easy. She lies very still on the table and waits patiently. We were out in no time.

On the way home, they were much more relaxed, although Cinnamon looked very ashamed. I told him I forgave him for biting me, but he stayed near my brother anyway. xD But Cuddles came over to say hello!

IMG_4415 IMG_4384

Even the vets don’t understand these unique personalities. It’s usually the orange males that are calm and relaxed, and the tortoiseshell females who are unpredictable and easily angered! I guess my little guys are ‘special’ in that they are the opposite. :3

(Sorry for glowing eyes and bad quality pictures…I was using my phone, the lighting was horrible, and moving cars aren’t always completely smooth!)



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