An Autumn Adventure


It’ll be a while before I see this view again. This morning, we rode the horses back to Molly’s owner’s place. I’m going to miss seeing them around, having the freedom of running out to the field whenever I want to see them, and hearing them whinnying at me in the morning and evening when they know it’s hay time. But they should be back before Christmas, and until then, Destiny and I can take advantage of the trails around the barn. It’s been a beautiful autumn so far, so it should make for some good riding (and hopefully the weather won’t be too cold too soon…I see flurries out my window. It’s not supposed to snow).

The ride over went well. We encountered a large tractor, whose driver kindly shut it down while the horses passed. Prior to this, Destiny panicked and backed up into Molly…and probably would have turned and bolted in the opposite direction if I let her turn around. She’s seen many different kinds of farm equipment, and most she will watch closely as she goes by but is fine. This time, however, she wasn’t having any of it. A tractor that “eats trees” wasn’t something she wanted to see up close! Once it was shut down, she walked by without a second thought (partly also because Molly was by then ahead of her; Molly wasn’t fazed at all), and she behaved the rest of the ride. With Molly in the lead, she was actually very calm and confidently picked her way along the trail. She seemed very intrigued by the cows in the nearby pasture, but I don’t think she’d make it as a cutting horse! At least she’s not scared of them anymore, just watches them intently and hopes they don’t come any closer.

Both horses were a bit frisky and wanted to run, but the trail is pretty bad so we kept them at a walk. I plan to go up tomorrow to take Destiny for a good run. Maybe I’ll bring up some of our temporary fencing sometime too, so I can do more liberty work with her. And it’s also worming time. I wasn’t able to worm them earlier in the fall because of my hand, and Molly can be a bit tricky sometimes; but now my hand is almost 100% and Molly’s owner is back from vacation.

As for my hand, like I said, it’s getting there. I still can’t put too much weight on it, but I can drive the four wheeler, ride, and lift most things. It doesn’t really hurt much anymore, and it’s getting stronger and stronger every day. Soon I’ll forget I ever broke it. I almost do now—then I move it in just the wrong way and instantly remember. But soon. Very soon.

As for me, I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been spending lots of time with the horses, both riding and cleaning up sections of the temporary pastures we’ve been setting up (and brushing…Molly seems to enjoy rolling in the dirt). I’ve been reading a lot, and working of course. I’ve been excessively hyper for the last week or so, which is good. I’m getting lots done, anyway!

Hope everyone’s fall is going as well as mine is. :)


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